Arabian (arabian) wrote,

New TVD fic :)

Hey, I'm just posting this because I've had a few people tell me that they missed when I posted it earlier this week. It's the first chapter of my planned, long multi-chapter Vampire Diaries fic. It's (obviously) Damon/Elena centric, but I'm also covering Stefan/Rebekah, Stefan/Caroline and Matt/Rebekah, and along with Damon and Elena, several other characters are getting points of view sections as well. Anyhoo, linkie --

How To Make a Better Vampire, Chapter 01

And on a sidenote -- wheee!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! WOOHOO!! (My sister gave me my first present early, The Hunger Games DVD! Double-woohoo!!!)
Tags: fic, the vampire diaries

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