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House Thoughts (Brief Justice)

Well, I finally finished watching Justice and while it's still a bit too glitzy, overall, I really, really liked it. I think they did a great job making it look like the spectacle such a case would be and I loved the closing hook -- showing viewers what actually happened to the victim. I got chills.

As for House I've heard some complaints, but I loved it. I thought it was a great way to deal with what happened with House. I loved him "trying" to be a better person and realizing that it really isn't him and his final actions completely justified Cameron's "you're not healthy." As some of you know, I love House/Cam and so I absolutely adored their scenes last night. I love how she's standing up for herself and how she doesn't let him treat her like a little kid.

I wish I liked Cuddy more, but Lisa Edelstein bugs a bit (I didn't like her on TWW either -- woohoo! sidebar, I just got all six season!), but I'm glad she gave the shot at the end. I'm a sap, I almost cried. I do agree with Wilson's reasons, but on the other hand, I think it's kinda stupid too because most of House's solutions derive the same way.

House being able to run and all that, probably medically-inaccurate, but I don't care. Hugh Laurie is such a handsome man and those eyes are amazing!!!! I thought all the characters were great, and Chase's ass-kissing "how many milliliters" was perfect!!!! Foreman, like Chase, wasn't in it much, but I liked that we are still seeing signs of what happened to him last season in his demeanor. And Cameron was just kick-ass, I love her.

My only negatives are completely shallow and have absolutely no bearing on the show. I'm not fond of Jennifer Morrison's new hairstyle (the bangs), but I can deal. Also, as a House/Cam shipper, I was slightly annoyed with the whole wet House (not wet House, but where he was) with Cuddy in sleepwear. Grrr. But again, utterly unimportant.

All in all, great show. I loved. Now, I gotta watch Nip/Tuck.
Tags: house, justice

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