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Newsroom! AWESOME!


Like WHOAH! Seriously, at the half-way point, I was sitting up, moving closer to the TV, I was just so riveted. I loved everyone, I especially loved Jeff Daniels (Will), Emily Mortimer (Mackenzie), Sam Waterson (Big Boss Guy) and John Gallagher Jr. (Jim)*

The dialogue was pure Sorkian and just awesome, the tension racketed up beautifully, the characters already fully there and real. And using the BP accident as a tipping point was interesting. (And is it bad that I kept thinking of Ian Somerhalder?) Anyhoo, yeah, it was awesome. Just OMG awesome!! :D

*For those unaware, Gallagher won a Tony for featured actor in a musical for Spring Awakening (one of my absolute favorite Broadway musicals of ALL TIME!). Here are a few videos featuring him. First the Tony's performance, he pops up at (yes, that's Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff from Glee if you didn't know they were in that as well) at 1:36. (Alas, they did have to to clean up "Totally Fucked.")

This is a video made featuring the show's performances for "The Bitch of Living" (you might notice the more salacious lyrics in this song were cleaned up in their excerpt in the Tonys broadcast, LOL!).

Soundtrack versions of his key songs: And Then There Were None, and I Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind. He is AMAZING!
Tags: jonathan groff, newsroom, tv

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