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Favorite Damon/Elena Scenes (s01-s03)

Here's another tvdbloodstream top 10 challenge that I did, this time for Damon and Elena (Squee!). Instead of moments (as I did for the other couples), I went for full scenes and I was really thinking of the entire scene, so these are all ones that I love every single second of from beginning to end, presented in order of love!

10.) "I wanted it to be real." -- 1.14 "Fool Me Once"

This, to me, is one of those early pivotal scenes in the journey of Damon and Elena's love story. That Elena believed she knew him well enough to get through to him, and, of course was right. That Damon was literally stopped in his tracks (on his way to save her, which she didn't know) when he saw her, and the way that Elena moved towards him, unwinding her scarf, as if revealing herself to him bit by bit, drawing him in, talking about their connection, the something between them to get his help once more. And while it was a tad emotionally manipulative, it wasn't dishonest. Every word she said to him was the truth, and she knew that is why it would work. And it wasn't just that truth, it was also the insane amount of trust she placed in him by taking off her necklace and putting herself at risk to do, say anything against her will that he so desired. But she trusted him, and he repaid that truth and trust by returning it. *Sigh* Plus, WHOO!BOY! that chemistry. Damn, when he puts the necklace back on her and he's close, and her eyes are on his face, on his lips, on his eyes and the tension is so like a third character in the scene it is so very there.

09.) "Do you trust me?" -- 3.09 "Homecoming"

"Do you trust me?" With no hesitation came the response, "Yes." Honestly, how can I not love this as a Damon/Elena (and as a Damon) fan? He is finally beginning to get validation that he is worthy from Elena (because after 170+ years of not getting such from anyone, the guy ain't gonna manage it on his own). Now, though, with her faith and trust in him, it's beginning to happen which is partly why I love this so much. It's not just about DamonandElena, the couple -- it's about Damon beginning to realize his worth. Elena trusts him implicitly now. She trusts him so much that she is willing to remove herself from the plan that would bring an end to Klaus in her life, and "save" Stefan. That goes beyond trust. That goes to the core of who Elena is as a person, she always has to be a part of the plan, a working cog. She positively hates being sidelined because she can't deal with others risking their lives while she is safe. Yet we knew by later events in the episode that Elena had unhesitatingly, absolutely done that because she trusts and believes in Damon THAT MUCH! Gosh, I love it so.

08.) "I am happy." -- 3.01 "The Birthday"

Even if Damon was returning a gift from Stefan, this necklace has come to signify so much between Damon and Elena, and all of the feelings that are so there between them was writ so clearly across every moment in this scene. It wasn't about the words spoken, it was how they were spoken, and everything that wasn't said; it was about heated looks and secret smiles. It was about the dichotomy of comfort and discomfort. There was an ease, a natural intimacy between them that just flowed through every second of interaction, but right alongside that was this nearly-unbearable tension. The way they looked at each other a second too long, the way they held themselves, the softly spoken words (Elena's "I am happy" and "thank you" -- delivered as near-whispers as if savoring the intimacy between them). There was an exquisite desire that ebbed beneath the surface, as if they were both holding themselves back from leaping forward and just giving into that want, whether by willful choice (Damon), or willful denial (Elena). It was a beautiful illustration of how far they'd come, but yet how far they still have to go.

07.) "Make my heart a better place." -- 1.19 "Miss Mystic Falls"

I get butterflies, squeeful feelings and just a deep contentment every time I watch this scene. It was so beautifully done in terms of the characters, and the moment was so tense and yet light. The chemistry was palpable between Damon and Elena and it was filled with a simmering tension that both clearly felt. The whole scene was marvelous from beginning to end. Starting with Damon standing at the foot of the stairs starring in the role of Elena's hero, and her acceptance of him in that role. Then throughout the dance there was his lack of snarky commentary paired with her nerves melting into the fluidity and beauty of the dance. Ah, then the final moments that highlighted Elena's reaction -- as if she had been so caught up in the moment, the magic, that she hadn't though about Stefan or anything else but Damon, and once the music ended and she was no longer in his arms, she was jerked back into her present reality. It was all so wonderful. Seriously, this whole scene just makes me squeal with an insane amount of squee.

06.) "Damon?" -- 3.05 "The Reckoning"

This scene is just all about OTP-ness! Over the top romantic scenery. Epic love of the truest, realest kind. When all bets are off, even when the anti-hero's been rejected, he still rides in on his horse and saves the damsel in distress. The camera work, the music, the bare minimum of words, it was all about Damon coming in and rescuing his girl. From Damon walking through the dark corridors looking for Elena, to the moment when he held the transfusion tube filled with her blood, easily able to resist it. His veins didn't pop out; his fangs didn't emerge. For Damon, Elena's blood wasn't even temptation enough to bring out the hint of the monster in him (as opposed to Stefan who had made it clear hours before that it took all he had in him to not give into his bloodlust). Instead, all it took was Elena softly saying his name, and like that his focus was 100% upon her. Pulling her up to him, her immediate physical trust as she wrapped her arm around him as he picked her up and carried her away all damsel-in-distress like with the back-shot of him taking her to safety while strains of a lovely melody filled the air. It was ... just, gah, so beautiful, so romantic, so very much them. That's what they do, they save each other (ahem, unless Stefan gets protection duty).

05.) "I don't know what I would do if you weren't here." -- 3.10 "The New Deal"

Elena thanked Damon. Fully, completely, legitimately, absolutely. She thanked him for being there, for his presence, for all he's done, all he's doing, telling him that she wouldn't know what to do without him. I mean, OH. EM. GEE! I just -- gah, that alone would have made this scene so awesomely awesome. But it just kept getting better. After Elena thanked him, all doe-eyes looking up at him, that intimacy between them dancing in the air, Damon did the right thing. Even though he didn't want to, wanting to preserve the moment, he clenched his jaw and told her the truth behind Stefan's actions, a truth that he believed would throw up a wall between their intimacy. But, hallelujah!, it didn't.

The feelings were still there, strong enough that Elena said his name, trying to ward off the sexual tension. And even though her tone said "we can't do this," she was looking at his lips, not backing away, not doing anything but holding herself back from just going there. And when Damon walked away, the look on her face, in the line of her frame was one of regret. Then he came back. And it was perfect, and beautiful and sweet. It wasn't wild, raging passion, but rather Damon grabbing a moment to hold her, to kiss her, without pushing, without going too far, and waaaay overstepping boundaries. It was him putting his feelings for her into action just this once and delivered with the quiet confidence that she would reciprocate. And she did. Hands rose to hold onto him, breathing him in so that when he pulled back and sauntered away, she was left speechless, her breath taken away. *Squee*

04.) "You can't kiss me again." -- 3.11 "Our Town"

Originally, I had claimed to love their porch scene in "The New Deal" (the kiss!!) more, but with more kissy-face that came later, I've revised my opinion and I now place this porch-moment higher. How he dealt with Elena's emotions after what had happened with Stefan on Wickery Bridge was so sweetly (and perfectly) handled. He stated facts, tried to lighten her mood a bit and showed concern all at the same time without crowding or pushing her even as the the two of them got closer, that tension and sexual chemistry dancing in the air about them. Then Elena confronted the elephant; she didn't shy away from what had happened on their last porch outing, but told him that it couldn't happen again. And I just loved how she said it.

There was such tension and stress, the want of it all nearly bringing tears to her voice coupled with the guilt, the emotion heavy from what had happened earlier that evening. And, oh my, how she said it. It wasn't because she didn't want him to because she didn't want the kiss, but rather that she didn't want him to because she DID want the kiss. And in Elena's world of black and white, that would be "wrong." Instead of flying off the handle, instead of a flash of pain, or a bitter twist of lips, his expression remained soft and loving as he agreed not to kiss her, and then on the heels of that disagreed -- and in such a soft, confident way -- that it was right, just not "right now." And I was all AAAHHHH!!!

03.) "I like you now." -- 2.22 "As I Lay Dying"

Oh, this scene! There was so much emotion, so much pain, so much heart in everything Elena did and said that screamed how much she cared for Damon ... and not just as a friend, and not just Elena being her usual empathetic self. How beautiful it was Damon telling her that she would have liked him had she known him in 1864, how she pulled away from his embrace to look at him fully, softly, sincerely telling him that "I like you now. Just the way you are." Oh, Elena. For all that he has done for her, for how much she does care about him in spite of his flaws, she wanted him to know before his end that someone does care and accept him as he is ... warts and all. It was just ... ahh, so beautiful because here's a guy who's never been accepted for who he is. And the girl he loves just did that. Ahh, and then the kiss, that beautiful kiss. I liked that it wasn't this passionate coming together. And I really liked that there was nothing from Damon's end, this was all on Elena, from Elena, her feelings, her desire, her need to give him this moment, and to take that moment for herself because this was her last chance to kiss him, and so she did. *sigh*

02.) "Never let me go." -- 3.19 "Heart of Darkness"

I'm including the entire scene from start to finish because it was all pure awesomeness (and it was one full, lovely, long scene). Watching him, her thoughts a mixture of suppressed desire and reflection, reminded of his sweeter show of humanity because of the Rose revelation. That combination had Elena lowering her walls, wordlessly inviting him to lay beside her, and, like the last time that they shared a bed, they talked, they smiled, but then unlike the last time -- due to the whole kissy-face and tension in between -- things got ... tense. The arrested looks, the fingers entwining, and then Elena's mad dash, running away from him, from her feelings, but not far. She didn't lock herself away. Instead she ran someplace where he could follow her, and she waited for him. And then all it took was Damon's "why not?" -- for which she couldn't come up with a single reason why not -- before she went flying into his arms. And good lord, it was hot! And it was glorious!

And it was perfect! I honestly can not believe just how perfect, how *right* it was. Elena turning to him, no, not just turning, but throwing herself at him. The kiss taking place where there were no memories, no moments tied to any other relationship. It was just the two of them there in the moment. And the motel lights flickering behind them played like starlight flickering in the night sky, and the wind that picked up around them was symbolic of the elemental emotion being unleashed between the two of them, the strains of "Never Let Me Go" fueling the passion of the moment. It was finding beauty in reality. And it was real. And it was glorious!

01.) "Can I tell you the rest tomorrow?" -- 3.08 "Ordinary People"

Just, gah!, this whole scene! How they were just so dang comfortable with each other, sharing the details of their day, the different plans they embarked upon while lying in bed next to one another, facing one another. OH MY HEART! They were like an old married couple, but an old married couple who have a strong, vibrant, happy, comfortable happy relationship still. They talked about issues -- Damon inviting her to be upset with him because he knew that he went behind her back, her choosing to let it go because of the bigger picture. Them prodding, pushing each other just enough. Them making each other smile, roll their eyes, be serious, be honest, face each other physically, emotionally, honestly. I just -- I don't think it's even possible to put into words how utterly perfect EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY THING about this scene was. But if I had to pinpoint one thing that makes me love it so, it would be the complete and utter trust on Elena's part (which is made clear in the following episode). Elena voluntarily went to sleep with Damon in her bed, turned towards him as he's turned towards her. She turned the light off. She closed her eyes to go to sleep. In bed. Next to Damon. Facing Damon. OH MY! Complete trust there, folks, complete and utter trust. I just ... there is not enough squee in the world.

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