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2.01 - "She Knows" (Suits)

Yay, summer shows are returning, and Suits is the first one that I watch. Whee!

- I love how Mike and Harvey are always quoting films. It's a thing that started to develop in the second half or so of the first season, and I loved it then, and not just because I like the movie-quoting but because it's a tiny tell as to why these two do mesh so well. They have a certain mindset that is similar, and quoting movies as they do reflects that in a small way.

- I Jessica so hard. I realize that a big part of this is because I don't think that Gina Torres is capable of being anything other than awesome, but I do genuinely enjoy the character. She's so hard-ass and bad-ass and so in control, confident and kick-ass, but she's also vulnerable and soft with moments of heart and humor. And she's so smart, so wickedly smart that she's even smarter than Harvey, and judging by the final scene between her and Mike, she might have him beat too. She's certainly got experience and more confidence in self over Mike.

- Speaking of that last scene, man, I loved it so. Jessica's self-assured, "I'm not Harvey. I don't need a computer." Hehehehehehe.

- Harvey, oh Harvey. I entirely blame this on Gabriel Macht, I so should not adore this character as much as I do, right? He's smug, arrogant, condescending, vain, self-centered, and yes, a prick ... and yet I adore him so. Macht brings SO VERY MUCH to the role, so much nuance, so much charisma and says so much with so little that I feel everything that Harvey does.

- Mike, I like, but he does have moments like his immediate jumping to "this random person thought her boss/mentor was her friend, and she betrayed her! Oh noes! Harvey will do the same to me!" is annoying, and he has at least one per episode. But at least he gets over them quickly.

- For me the weakest part of the show is the romance. I didn't care for Mike and Jenny, and after how horrible and ungrateful and damn unprofessional Rachel acted last season, I am just not rooting for her at all. The closest thing to a ship I have on this show is Harvey and Jessica, but I'm 100% fine with them never going there.

- After watching the episode, I kinda wish they had held off on Jessica finding out until the end of next season because as much as I enjoy the heck outta Harvey and Mike, and as much as I believe that Harvey has a soft spot for Mike, I'm not sure I quite believe that he'd put his relationship with Jessica, and his job/place at the firm on the line for Mike. I think I might have bought that after another season. However, since it did happen now, I'm choosing to believe that it was only partly out of affection for Mike, and just as much (if not more so) about Harvey's own ego and refusal to not get his way.

- I'm certainly interested to see what happens with Hardman now. Looks like he's playing a game that Harvey and Jessica can't quite anticipate and that is where the problem lies.

- Louis and Donna remain -- in their secondary roles -- totally awesome. :)
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