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10 Most Romantic 'Vampire Diaries' Ship Moments (Non D/E)

I did this for a tvdbloodstream top 10 challenge (and a few more which I'll post later). I wanted to highlight my other ships on The Vampire Diaries as opposed to just Damon and Elena considering that on this show, I actually DO have other ships. So, presented in chronological order, these were the scenes/moments that captured my heart with my other TVD-ships ....

10 Most Romantic Ship Moments

01.) "I will not let anything happen to you." -- 2.02 "Brave New World" (Stefan/Caroline)

When I first saw this scene, I was blown away by the unexpected power of the Stefan/Caroline potential that came surging forward in their one scene (the first one-on-one scene the two had shared since the Pilot). The way Stefan comforted Caroline, held her and was just all-around awesome, had me swooning. And this scene for me was one of the rare ones where Stefan truly did come across 100% as THE guy, the perfect, awesome, fantastic, place a halo on his head and call it a day, guy that he's generally sold as, but which I barely buy. (I love him, but there are too many lies, omissions, secrets, sneaky emotional manipulations -- unintended mostly, but still -- overall at play.) However, here, in this scene with Caroline, Stefan was all there, all heart, all concern, and when he told her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, I believed him, and then he took her in his arms and cradled her and I was just a puddle of goo.

02.) "When did you get your driver's license?" -- 2.07 "Masquerade" (Jeremy/Bonnie)

I honestly expected to be completely squicked out by Jeremy and Bonnie because of the fact that Bonnie and Elena have been best friends forever, and Jeremy is Elena's little brother, thus naturally Bonnie would always see him as such. However, they've barely interacted on the show and the dialogue from Bonnie made it clear that she hadn't really looked at Jeremy in a long time. In her mind, he was still Elena's kid brother, but because of his newly-found confidence, the craziness of the events and them working together on this plan, for the first time she was seeing him as he is now. And she saw that he was hot, LOL! And in this final scene here, the way he looked at her like she was this amazing creature, and her sweet smile as she met his gaze, that realization setting in that he's not a little boy anymore, was perfect and just the right, romantic touch as they turned and walked off together.

03.) "Don’t act like this is one sided ..." -- 2.10 "The Sacrifice" (Jeremy/Bonnie)

Bless you, Steven R. McQueen. It was his ad-lib that gave us this uber-hot moment. It wasn't scripted for Jeremy to try and kiss Bonnie here, but McQueen just thought it fit the scene and went for it, and thankfully the producers kept it in. But that wasn't the only thing I loved about this scene. I liked how Jeremy just laid it all out there, making it clear that he pulled the stunt with Katherine because he was worried about Bonnie, and when she tried to side-step the feelings, he called her out on the fact that it wasn't just him having a crush on his sister's friend, she felt it too. And the look on her face as he said those words, touched her face and then went in for that kiss confirmed his words. (Of course, she did manage to pull away, but it was still a great, and romantic moment).

04.) "I can handle myself." -- 2.13 "Daddy Issues" (Stefan/Caroline)

Every Stefan/Caroline related scene in season 02 is wonderful, but this one is special. Again, with Caroline, I buy Stefan as THE guy in a way that I don't otherwise (mostly with Elena, because that relationship is built on so many lies and so much obsfucation). Ah, and in this scene, I was just gone so hard for him (and the couple). I literally can not watch this without sighing, without beaming at how Stefan looks at Caroline, so sure and confident in her belief that she can take care of herself. Just, gah ... him walking her home, standing at her door and telling her, "you don't have to pretend with me," to the smiles they share, to those final looks, ahh! my shipper heart just goes pitter-pat everytime. They are just uberly delightful together, so good. They're sparkly and adorable and make me smile and this scene epitomizes that in every way.

05.) "... if I catch you, the game will be over." -- 2.19 "Klaus" (Elijah/Katherine)

From a smiling Elijah chasing a girlish Katerina, but not catching her because he doesn't want the game to be over, to their discussion about love, when it's real, when it's not, who believes and who doesn't, there is such a connection between the two. And there is such a light, glancing chemistry that just simmers between every line, every look. As marvelous as the beginning of the scene is with the laughter and joy filling the air, it ends on an equally fabulous, if somber, moment as they look to each other when Klaus leads Katerina away: she's looking over her shoulder at Elijah, a yearning on her face, and Elijah staring straight at her, an intensity on his. It really captured my heart and was filled with so much promise.

06.) "... for Katerina." -- 2.20 "The Last Day" (Elijah/Katherine)

Katherine isn't even in this scene, and it's all about how to keep Elena from dying at the hands of Klaus' sacrifice, but Elijah's line about the elixir resuscitating Elena that almost off-handedly mentions Katherine ("This is an elixir that I acquired some five hundred years ago for Katerina. It possesses mystical properties of resuscitation.") always made me go oh, oh, oh! Because we know that it means the loyal brother went against Klaus to do that, to save Katherine. We know that Elijah went searching to find a way to keep her alive and presumably found one. That one line shows how deep his feelings for Katerina were. *sigh*

07.) "Rebekah?" -- 3.03 "The End of the Affair" (Stefan/Rebekah)

This truly seems as if it will never go anywhere (which I'm mostly okay with -- see Stefan/Caroline, Rebekah/Matt lurve!), but I so loved the Stefan/Rebekah love story as introduced in this episode, and the scene that took place in the present was my favorite of the bunch (and why I was so hopeful it would continue). How Rebekah's face softened and her eyes lit up when she saw Stefan again, and, oh, Stefan's face when he was given his memories back .. the way he looked at her, his soft, loving eyes, the way he said her name, and the smile as he walked towards her. Ahhh, be still my beating heart. So heart-melting and beautiful.

08.) "Oh ... I'm a vampire. We don't -- Thanks." -- 3.14 "Dangerous Liaisons" (Matt/Rebekah)

In the midst of my shipper heartbreak over other events, there was this one bright spot. Rebekah's plan to take Matt out to hurt Elena was foiled by simple, sweet chivalry. She brought Matt outside for a walk in order to set him up for Kol's kill, and then he reached into his beat-up truck and slipped his Letterman jacket over her shoulders to ward off the chill. And despite the fact that as a vampire, she wasn't cold, she let that slide just as quickly as those words fell from her lips and just smiled at this good, human boy. It was lovely.

09.) "Why are you being nice to me?" -- 3.19 "Heart of Darkness" (Matt/Rebekah)

I had found the jacket-scene sweet, but hadn't give them much thought beyond the moment until this scene when Matt dropped Rebekah off at her house. When she looked at him, first suspicious, then smitten by the way he talked to her like a real girl, smiling at her with genuineness, it made me unexpectedly squee. You could just see how Matt kept creeping under her skin with his sweet, human, high-school boy ways. I will be heartbroken if this is yet another potential pairing (see: Elijah/Katherine, Stefan/Rebekah) that is not explored. So, so sweet and sigh-worthy.

10.) "It’s okay, you’re safe." -- 3.21 "Before Sunset" -- (Klaus/Caroline)

While I did like when Klaus healed Caroline, and their scenes in "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Do Not Go Gentle" as well, it was this one that got the biggest shipper-reaction out of me. There was just so much emotion and chemistry in this mostly wordless minute-long scene between the two, it just felt like there was a connection created in that moment that felt real. She was frightened, and when she saw that it was Klaus who'd caught her, her fear slipped away and she took in and listened to his words which lead her to safety.

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