Arabian (arabian) wrote,

10 Most Romantic 'Vampire Diaries' Ship Moments (Non D/E)

I did this for a tvdbloodstream top 10 challenge (and a few more which I'll post later). I wanted to highlight my other ships on The Vampire Diaries as opposed to just Damon and Elena considering that on this show, I actually DO have other ships. So, presented in chronological order, these were the scenes/moments that captured my heart with my other TVD-ships ....

10 Most Romantic Ship Moments

So much pretteh!Collapse )
Tags: bonnie bennett, caroline forbes, caroline/klaus, elijah mikaelson, elijah/katherine, jeremy/bonnie, katherine pierce, rebekah mikaelson, rebekah/matt, stefan salvatore, stefan/caroline, stefan/rebekah

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