Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Recent TVD icons/gifs ...

Being a wee bit needy here, but I put up a bunch of graphics this weekend -- probably not the best idea to post them then, hahaha -- and have gotten very little response. So, if anyone missed them, here's links. If people didn't and don't respond, hmm, I don't know what to think (but I'll probably pout a little bit) ...

1.18 (Under Control)/ 2.18 (The Last Dance) icon batch

Second batch of Nian Coachella icons

These have gotten a few more responses, but, again the weekend, so ...

3.22 'The Departed' Gifs -- and I was wondering if people wanted me to gif any particular episodes from season 01, season 02, and potentially season 03 (because there are definitely logo-free episodes out there and if I can find them -- I've got 3.22 and one other one (I think it's 3.21) -- I'll happily do some of those as well.)

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