Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Game of Thrones - 2.09 'Blackwater'

Watched Game of Thrones, it was good, but then I think all episodes are good. :)

Still, eh, not one of my favorite episodes. I'm such a stereotypical girl in that blood and guts and violence, blah, blah, blah doesn't interest me very much. Tyrion was as awesome as ever. God, I love him so much. Can't I just get an episode that features just Tyrion and Arya? Pretty please!? (Yeah, I know it would have taken away from the whole battle stuff, but wah! No Arya!)

So yeah Tyrion was awesome. Cersei was a royal bitch in every sense of the word. Sansa was cool, I loved her actually doing the queenly thing after Cersei left, showing how a true leader would act in that situation. The Hound continues to leave as little impression on screen as he did on the page for me. Davos continues to rock so hard. Joffrey continues to be a whiny, cowardly, petulant, cruel scumsucker. Bronn/Tyrion, and Podrick/Tyrion continue to make my heart smile, and Tyrion/Varys continue to have the most awesome conversations ever.

I mean the mental goings-on were so good, the intrigue, the stuff with Cersei and Tommen, every moment with Tyrion, etc., all of that was excellent, but there was so much battle. I'm not a battle-girl. I just so am not. Oh, and I didn't mention it in my overall-thoughts post, but I don't like the actress they got to play Shae. I actually liked Shae in the books, this one I don't. Ah well. She didn't detract from the awesome of Lena Headey and Sophie Turner in those scenes.
Tags: game of thrones, tv, tyrion lannister

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