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Just so ya'll know ...

I'm actually trying to get past my issues re: Elena never choosing/being with Damon as a vampire. That's my main issue with regards to her not choosing Damon. I still have issues (and always will) with the lack of consequences for Stefan, and the complete romanticized bullshit rose-colored glasses with which the Stefan/Elena relationship is portrayed. As I've said, I'm not giving up on the show, I'm not walking away. I love the show overall too much to do that. What I've done, what has happened is that *my* rose-colored glasses are off. I no longer have this show on a pedestal; I'll no longer give them the benefit of the doubt.

There was too much sloppy, disconnected writing in the second half of the season. Too much tell without show, too much ridiculous, so-dropped-the-ball writing with regard to Stefan. Too much non-stop crapping on Damon. But I'm trying to get back to a better place with the show overall, and accept that it's simply not the great television I thought it was, and realize that it's just a good, sometimes great show that has a blind spot when it comes to Stefan, Stefan/Elena and the unfair unbalance that results from that blindness that is directed towards Damon, and Damon/Elena. And that will never change.

ETA: This is a really good take on Damon/Elena after season 03 that helped me. It might help some of you. I'm not totally there yet, but I'm thinking of writing an episode discussion post after all ... so we'll see.
Tags: stefan salvatore, the vampire diaries

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