Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I suppose this tells us everything we need to know ...

Per Julie Plec -- "If you love the show watch it. If you are watching just for Damon Elena stop."

Wow. She really doesn't care about the Damon/Elena fanbase at all. Wow. I'm shocked that she (or any showrunner) would say that about any fanbase, let alone arguably their largest.

Just wow.

Here's the full quote and it's not AS bad, and she's clearly not trying to tell D/E fans to take a hike, but yeah, she needs to stop talking. Her form of damage control is like the worst ever.

Quote: Ohhh, gosh. Well, you know, I feel like if I was watching that episode and analyzing it and paying attention to it that there is a lot more in there that is much more complicated than just a simple 'Damon got rejected.' Because, in my opinion, that's not what really happened at all. Yes, in this moment she had to say who do I give the goodbye to, who do I love more, it's Stefan, because it's been Stefan for her, but that's just a moment, you know, it's just a moment, a moment in an episode that is about so much more, in a show that is about so much more in a season that's been about so much more. And to me, it's almost in a beautiful way kind of negated, that little moment, by the flashback. Where we just say hey, you know what? There's so much more to this relationship than even Elena knows or that our audience knew, so it just opens the door for continued exploration. Which is life, you know? That's what life is. This show is not cut and dried, it's not the Stefan Elena Show, it's not the Damon Elena Show, it's a show about people and feelings and growth and it's a journey and so I personally it makes me sad to see people responding with oh this is it we're done with the show because I feel like that's silly, why did you stay in all this time just to miss out on probably the best parts over the next couple of years. I don't in my life ever remember - I'm dying for couples to get together and love stories to be told and I loved watching the journey so much it never ruined the show for me when the journey took a different path because I knew the path would continue. So I would say, if you love the show, keep watching the show because these characters are just in the middle of their journey. If you only like the show to see Damon and Elena as a couple, then you should probably stop because it's not going to happen in episode one of next year. It may happen eventually but it's all part of a very long and hopefully beautiful road.

So, yeah, it's better, but still pretty damn bad. I get what she's saying, but she's handling this SO horribly. To say it's silly to stop watching even though we've gotten our teeth kicked in as a fanbase continuously, to say that it's silly because we "probably" will get good stuff in a few years, to liken our issue with a simple 'Damon got rejected' as opposed to the fact that it's that Damon got rejected AGAIN ... all of it, is just so badly spoken.

And the big problem is that, yes, this IS the Stefan/Elena show. When you sell it on a triangle, and one-half is the couple for two of the first three years, and with a slight detour in the third year that hinted at exploration of the other before dovetailing in that first couple, and then you're told that the fourth season will feature that first couple again -- it IS that couple's show. Without ever acknowledging that, she's just making it clear that SHE DOES NOT GET IT.
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