Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TVD finale

The finale aired ... and no migraine!!

So, yeah, I'm done. I may write stuff about Damon/Elena, Damon's hotness and awesome, etc. But overall, yeah. I'm done. I'm an idiot. I was so very wrong. Oh well.

Because I'm bitter, I hope the ratings take a nosedive next season SO FUCKING HARD!

ETA: Yes, I know that Elena chose Stefan on a technicality (if I'd met you first) and then ding-ding-ding we got the flashback that showed that she *had* met Damon first, and now that she's turned, she will remember that. However, the Damon/Elena fanbase has been COMPLETELY robbed of ever -- EVER!!! -- getting Damon and human Elena which the vast majority of us wanted.


Do I still think that Damon/Elena are endgame? Yes. When we get there will if feel as rich and wonderful and right as it could have? Nope.

ETA again: I'm going to try and give this some distance and time. I told sarcasticcheese that I could see this working out in the long run, but as the end of a season that (with regards to the triangle) essentially accomplished NOTHING -- seriously, Elena's 'choice' would have made more sense coming after the season 02 finale. I just don't think I can EVER trust them again. And unless they have Elena turn human again -- we know that is a possibility at least -- the fanbase will NEVER get that aspect of Damon/Elena toether. I don't know. It's really hard to let go o9f this show. We'll see how I feel after I've had time to digest everything more.
Tags: ep discussion-tvd, the vampire diaries, tv

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