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3.20 - 'Do Not Go Gentle' (The Vampire Diaries)

Really not long. I swear.

Upon further thought -- yeah, I'm going to do a follow-up that's more positive because I think I've found that golden lining. I think so. (Yeah, this would be why I was supposed to wait until the next day to write my post so I didn't emotionally respond. *sigh* Here's the link to the new post: 'Do Not Go Gentle' Take Two.

So, I pretty much hated this episode. It devastated me because I felt like it completely erased everything that happened in the last episode, and it sure looks like Elena will most definitely be choosing Stefan in the finale. Yay. So here are the thoughts I jotted down when I thought I could write my long, rambling post. There are two options if I do: 1) I wait until the next week or the season is over and it miraculously makes things right in the Damon/Elena universe, or 2) my long, rambling post is more like a long, rambling vent.

So, instead here are those quick thoughts (cleaned up).

- Still no acknowledgement whatsoever that Ric's been a major dick to Damon.

- Once again, Damon was right. He should have killed Ric at the beginning -- with Ric's blessing so he wouldn't hurt anyone else. Did they listen? No. And now Ric is their new worst enemy!

- Everyone had someone to comfort them ... except Damon. Oh, right, Meredith sorta, kinda did. And I care because? Shoulda been Elena. SHOULD HAVE BEEN ELENA. Who should have been with Ric in the tomb, and then had been the one to come out to Damon. Nope, Elena didn't express even a flicker of emotion for Damon AT ALL despite the fact that Ric is his best friend. Not even a flicker.

- I can't be impartial about Stefan/Elena, I just loathe them with the fiery passion of a million burning suns now. I loved what we got with Damon/Elena last week, but how Elena acted this week just made what happened seem like a dirty secret that Elena was ashamed of, while her heart is true and pure and strong and beating with twu wuv only for Stefan. She balked at every moment of her "exploration" of her feelings for Damon -- except for the one minute she was sucking his face -- and was all giddy and joyful over her renewed exploration of her feelings for Stefan.

I'll say it right now: If Elena chooses Stefan, I'm done with loving this show because it means that everything I believed, everything I analyzed, everything that made sense to me was all a crazy construct in my head, and starting next season, I'll only watch Damon-related scenes and any particular scene that catches my fancy. And I'm done stanning. Period.

- Klaus/Caroline had more chemistry and FEELINGS in their one scene then every Tyler/Caroline moment from this week and last.

- For the first time, I actually feel like Damon should tell Elena to go fuck herself. To be so accepting of everything Stefan has done without any true apology or remorse beyond a few statements, and yet, she pretty much still treats Damon like he's less than. Especially when Stefan was so horribly, emotionally manipulative in almost every moment with Elena.

- Poor Rebekah, missed another dance.

- I liked Ric mostly for his friendship with Damon, considering how that's been pretty much crapped on (at least the Ric to Damon side), I wasn't really all that moved by the supposed "heart and soul" scene when he faced the group. Other than Damon, Elena and Jeremy, we've barely seen meaningful interaction with Ric and of them (aside from his deep, philosophical conversations with Stefan in the last episode), so, yeah, wasn't moved at all. And don't think I didn't notice how Elena moved to stand next to Stefan. Not even in between Stefan and Damon, but ONLY next to Stefan.

- I'd be happy for Bonnie actually finding someone willing to stick around for her and appreciating her awesome if (a) Kat Graham and Robert Ri’chard had a lick of chemistry, (b) Bonnie and Jamie had actual build-up, and (c) if she wasn't such a bitch to Damon. THERE WAS NO OTHER CHOICE!

- How is it Stefan's turn, Caroline (show!)? What was that entire period when Elena and Stefan were dating? Was that not Stefan's turn?

- Oh, look ... Elena actually attempted honesty with Stefan. But nope, much better to just sweep it under the rug. Yup, that's Stefan's MO and the Stefan/Elena relationship in a nutshell. Truly epic.

That's it. I've been so hopeful and optimistic, and this episode just made me feel like the biggest fool for believing that they were actually going somewhere good with Damon and Elena. I fully expect her to choose Stefan now. I don't see how she won't. I have no hope for the rest of the season re: Damon/Elena because clearly when she said it was Stefan, it was always Stefan, she meant it. I hope to be proven wrong, and hey, they managed to turn everything awesome about last week on its ear in one episode, maybe they'll do it again next week.

Eh. Let's just say I'm not holding my breath.

ETA: I'm trying to formulate a more positive framing of the episode. I'll see if I can get there and find myself able to write a more reasoned, hopeful post.
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