Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TVD Ponderings ...

Sp some random thoughts popped in my head ...

Now this first one I read over on fanforum, so not my thought, but I keep circling back to it.

1.) Rebekah is the first person who told us that a witch can't be a vampire, we found that out vice versa in "All My Children" via Abby's turning. And "All My Children" is the episode that revealed that Esther was going to turn her children into human to kill them all. We know that near the beginning of the next episode Esther taking over Rebekah will be known, and that she'll be expelled (voluntarily, I'm assuming -- no clue where she's going though!). Now in this still from the finale we have this:

Sure, something major could just be going down, but seeing Rebekah a thousand year old vampire cowering like that is, well, unexpected. So I'm wondering ... when Esther jumped into her daughter's body, was part of that spell about making Rebekah human so that she, a witch, could enter her and not lose her power? And if she's human now, what (GOOD??!?!?) things could that potentially mean for Rebekah and Matt? Hmmm.............

2.) The title of 3.21 is "Before Sunrise," and I was wondering, I wonder if whatever plan that Esther has is going to go down AT sunrise, possibly meaning that all of our vampires -- since Esther's plan would involve killing her children, thus ALL vampires -- will die at sunrise. Meaning, we may get some big to-do happenings emotionally-speaking as it gets closer to sun's rise.

I dunno, just pondering.
Tags: rebekah mikaelson, rebekah/matt, spoilers, the vampire diaries

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