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Project Runway (So much Michael love)

Thoughts on last night's Project Runway below the cut, but ah, a non-spoiler first. I liked Michael from the first episode, he wasn't my favorite, but he was in my top four, and by the third week he was battling with Kayne for my favorite, but shortly thereafter he just took the spot and I've been loving him (and his designs) ever since. He is just awesome.

So, as much of a complete ASS! as Jeffrey is, I'm still happy to see Angela go. I know she's been decent the last couple of weeks (and yes, I did feel sorry for her because of Jeffrey's ASSINESS! last week), but I can't get over my extreme irritation with her from the first month or so, not to mention hating most of her hideous designs. And HELLO! she's from Ohio. It's frickin' embarrassing!!! Why can no cool RealityTV contestant ever come from Ohio? Grr.

Regarding Jeffrey and his outfit, while I did like the jacket, I didn't like the overall outfit. The rhinestones across the crotch? Ugh. And I'm not saying Kayne's was glorious or anything, but wasn't the challenge -- represent YOURSELF as a jetsetter? So how was Kayne's -- which TOTALLY screamed Kayne! as a jetsetter -- so much worse than Jeffrey's? Would I ever wear Kayne's? God, no. Would I ever see someone wearing Kayne's and not think, "God, no." Well, God, no. However, I would never wear Jeffrey's and if I saw someone wearing it, other than the jacket, I would find it hideous -- BUT, it represented Jeffrey as a jetsetter ... just as Kayne's did. Pfftt! I still don't think he deserved to win - shoulda been Michael!

Uli, Uli, Uli, you're so talented, but sweetie, the mix of patterns is getting O-L-D!!!! I think it's a shame that she never won a challenge, but if she keeps this up, she deserves to go.

Laura did a lovely job, absolutely lovely, my second favorite hands down. Being shallow for a moment, my goodness, she looked radiant on the runway. Back to her dress: I liked that it didn't look like a "Laura" as most of her others have. It was chic, elegant, traveled beautifully and simple, without being basic.

Which brings us to ... Vincent. I don't think he should have won last week. (I think it should have been Michael -- woohoo, three in a row! Darn't, didn't happen.) Yes, it was comfortable, yes, it traveled well ... BUT, it didn't represent Vincent AT ALL as a jetsetter or anything else. And it was simply so, so, so basic. And according to Nina and Michael, it wasn't even cut well. So, I think it should have been he and Angela in the bottom two. (Of course, I think he should have gone home instead of Allison a few weeks back.) Not a Vincent fan.

Finally, the best for last ... AAAHHHHH!!!! Michael. Awesome, wonderful, fabulous Michael!! Could he be any nicer? Any sweeter? Any cooler? Any more talented? I do not think so. He is just awesomeness redefined. I LOVED his outfit. It SOOO represented (as he said, "a combo of the Hood and the Hamptons") Michael, it was loose, breezy, casual, hip-hop, classy, classic, modern and just looked fabulous. And always, he did a marvelous job of thinking through the challenge and design and articulating that thought process so eloquently on the runway. Also, like last week, he was thisclose to getting the win (which would -- and SHOULD -- have made four wins in a row!). Still, without the wins, he surely is doing fabulous. I don't even think S1's Kara Saun had this many wins/near-wins.

Finally, non-design-moment: How much did I love Michael teaching Kayne how to walk on the runway? So, so much!!! Seriously, MIchael is just wonderful. And such a sweetheart, such a gentleman -- as reported by some of the moms last week. Of the three interviews I read, they were asked which contestants impressed them the most and the only recurr-er (yes, I just made that word up. I think.) was Michael ... because he's awesome.

Eee!!! I've never really cared who won PR, just didn't want a particular person to NOT win. This time, oh Lordy, I want Michael to win soooo much. Which means, he won't ... because I have a curse. But if he did, oh, you'd hear me squeeing all the way from Ohio!!!
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