Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Nina Dobrev's Event Style (2007 - Present)

After I put up my 10 favorite Nina Dobrev looks, there was a comment about never having seen a couple of those outfits, so I decided to waste some time and do a timeline of the evolution of Nina Dobrev event outfits. I came up with 65 in total. I didn't include events that were casual (in which she wore jeans -- which she wore to the first MuchMusic Award show she went to in 2009, etc.), and there were one-to-two events where I wasn't able to get a full shot of her outfit including shoes so I didn't grab those, and one where there were no solo shots, so I grabbed the group shot. Other than that, I used full solo shots of her. Obviously, this is image heavy.

Which are your favorites?

You can find all of the images (most of them in HQ and with several others from each event) at these websites: Nina Dobrev Stuff (the best Nina site, imo) | Nina |
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