Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Be Rebekah! Pretty please to being Rebekah!! PLEEEEASE!!!!

So, I have no idea but despite my surety in the last episode review I wrote that Rebekah wasn't long for this world, I've randomly decided that she MUST be the Mama!Original of all of our vampires. And if she is not, I will be massively disappointed. And, because, of course, they want to keep Klaus/Joseph Morgan around, I've figured that due to the whole Doppelganger blood being important to the Hybrid turn, that for some reasons Klaus' death would wind up killing the Doppelganger as well.

I just needed to come up with some conjecture that would enable them to keep Klaus around -- as I think they want to -- without making him the only possible Parental!Original. That way it can be Rebekah. Which I just really, really, really want ... and think would be AWESOME! For as I said in that review ... I think that Rebekah would be the funniest and most unpredictable one simply because, man, just imagine it? If they want to live they need to keep this petulant, spoiled brat with a propensity for threats and torture around who would have no reason to not kill Elena if Klaus is gone. Whoo, boy!

Really, it would just be AWESOME! (Plus, it would give us another female in the main cast since I do think Tyler is Dead!Hybrid!Walking, and they'll fill that tenth slot as the show appears to like the ten cast member number.)
Tags: rebekah mikaelson, the vampire diaries, tv

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