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01 April 2012 @ 10:19 pm
Oh, I dunno ...  
I'm back to being pessimistic about The Vampire Diaries.

Apparently previous spoilers are wrong, and not only do S/E dance (which, yeah I did already know) in 3.20, it's apparently not a big D/E episode, but rather a BIG S/E episode. And I just -- I can't wrap my brain around Elena being with this guy after what he did on the bridge. I know, I know, what Damon did to Jeremy -- but that wasn't personal, that wasn't after she'd fallen in love with Damon, that wasn't after they'd been together. It was PERSONAL what Stefan did. And she and Stefan are going to dance, and have sweet, wonderful moments and get all close and intimate. Sure whatever happens with D/E in 3.19 is supposed to count, but when have Damon/Elena EVER gotten balance on this show? Uhm, never. So I'm not holding my breath here.

And now I'm back to thinking that Elena's going to either choose Stefan or choose neither one of them at the end of the season, kicking Damon (and the D/E shippers in the gut YET AGAIN!). I don't know how much more I can take of this ripping apart my shipper heart and I ADORE this show. There are so many D/E fans out there who don't even like the show anymore. No wonder the ratings are tanking. I'm sorry, but they were hitting the mid-to-higher two million viewers in the second half of season 02. Then the finale promised Damon/Elena. The first half of season two started to rise from those mid-to-higher two million to between three and mid-three million again. And other than 3.10 (where Damon/Elena kissed), there's been nothing but crumbs with them this second half and the ratings are falling back into the mid-to-higher two millions, with the last episode actually dipping below 2.5 (a 2.44). What is it going to take to wake them up to the fact that lack of Damon/Elena is HURTING the ratings.

There is no way you're not going to tell me there isn't some sort of connection here. Especially when Damon/Elena sweep every couple poll over Stefan/Elena, not to mention all of the buzz, talk, everywhere about them. The fandom is NOT evenly split, not by a long shot and because of that I can't honestly even understand the show being so determined to give both couples a fair shake more or less this season. And even if I could for that reason, it still wouldn't mesh because the first two seasons were NON-STOP STEFAN/ELENA! We're at the end of season 03 and Damon/Elena have YET to have even remotely as much good stuff as S/E.

And I'm whining, but I can't help it. IT'S NOT FAIR!

And damnit! One more rant. I'm fucking sick and tired of the lack of Damon-love on the show. Everyone treats him like crap. And he doesn't deserve it. Not now. Not when everyone else gets sunshine blown up their ass and forgiveness with a bouquet for any bad thing they do or it's flat-out ignored (paging Stefan!). But Damon?! He's still gets treated like crap for stuff he did in the first season and first episode of season 02, never mind EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY THING he's done good since then. What? Because he's snarky? Why shouldn't he be? Everyone treats him like crap.

Arabian: Damon09arabian on April 4th, 2012 03:48 pm (UTC)
Sorry, no, I don't go with that, except for Caroline. Damon had his humanity switch and they ALL know what that means now. Risking his life multiple times to save ALL of them at one point or another should hold a HELLUVA lot more weight than actions he committed for the month (which was the timeline) when his switch was off. He didn't terrorize Bonnie. He asked for the necklace, she didn't want to give it to him, and that was it. He didn't attack her in the woods, he attacked Emily -- who lied and betrayed him after he spent the last 150 years keeping her bloodline alive. He never stalked her, and he never stalked or terrorized Elena either. He threatened to bite her after she betrayed him and lied to his face. I'm not saying it justified what he did, but it's not just a blanket thing. He attacked Caroline's father because Caroline's father threatened him (and coincidentally, Bill's actions if taken would have threatened Caroline as well). Being there as a friend for Caroline's mother, helping Bonnie find her mother, protecting Elena, making plans with all of them, working in tandem with them, SAVING THEIR LIVES at risk to his own on multiple occasions .... he's made up for actions he committed when his switch was off.

Stefan did much, much worse than Damon did when his humanity switch wasn't even off, and no one has a problem with him. Bonnie has lied and betrayed Elena. Tyler betrayed and nearly got Elena and Stefan killed. They've ALL done horrible things, but DAMON is the only one held accountable long after everyone else is forgiven and treated with consideration. His switch was off and that period of time was a month, two tops, with his switch off, so he's spent way more than 3/4s of the time they know him doing everything he can to protect Elena, and keep them all safe. Yet, he's never given ANY positive reinforcement for all the good that he does do. Sure, he's snarky, but that's it. Why wouldn't he be? Whereas everyone is willing, ready, and jumps to the chance to understand, forgive, be there for everyone else, while Damon continues to be treated like a pariah despite all that he has done, and he's done A LOT for all of them.

I did like that they tried to save him in 2.22 which I thought was a turning point, but instead they all still treat him like crap, while having NO issue with all the bad that Stefan has done. Considering the loose morality and acceptance of lies, betrayals and bad deeds that so many characters do, that Damon is the ONLY one ALWAYS held accountable does not fly with me. At all.

Edited at 2012-04-04 03:54 pm (UTC)
sun_signsun_sign on April 4th, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
he's made up for actions he committed when his switch was off. He attacked Caroline's father because Caroline's father threatened him.

I think this is where we differ. To me, there is nothing that can make Damon's actions less horrible. More understandable, and maybe easier to excuse, but not less damaging for the people who are victims of them. I do like the idea of Damon making up for his past actions. But I don't think that his past actions should have to be forgiven. After all, S1 Damon is the Damon most of them got to know him as, and no matter how nice he gets he will never stop being the same person who attacked innocent people in the past. There is no way back. And since they all know what he's capable of, it is realistic for them to be cautious around him.

But I agree that there is a lot of hypocrisy going on there. I stand by my opinion; Damon gets what he deserves, and so should everyone else.