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01 April 2012 @ 10:19 pm
Oh, I dunno ...  
I'm back to being pessimistic about The Vampire Diaries.

Apparently previous spoilers are wrong, and not only do S/E dance (which, yeah I did already know) in 3.20, it's apparently not a big D/E episode, but rather a BIG S/E episode. And I just -- I can't wrap my brain around Elena being with this guy after what he did on the bridge. I know, I know, what Damon did to Jeremy -- but that wasn't personal, that wasn't after she'd fallen in love with Damon, that wasn't after they'd been together. It was PERSONAL what Stefan did. And she and Stefan are going to dance, and have sweet, wonderful moments and get all close and intimate. Sure whatever happens with D/E in 3.19 is supposed to count, but when have Damon/Elena EVER gotten balance on this show? Uhm, never. So I'm not holding my breath here.

And now I'm back to thinking that Elena's going to either choose Stefan or choose neither one of them at the end of the season, kicking Damon (and the D/E shippers in the gut YET AGAIN!). I don't know how much more I can take of this ripping apart my shipper heart and I ADORE this show. There are so many D/E fans out there who don't even like the show anymore. No wonder the ratings are tanking. I'm sorry, but they were hitting the mid-to-higher two million viewers in the second half of season 02. Then the finale promised Damon/Elena. The first half of season two started to rise from those mid-to-higher two million to between three and mid-three million again. And other than 3.10 (where Damon/Elena kissed), there's been nothing but crumbs with them this second half and the ratings are falling back into the mid-to-higher two millions, with the last episode actually dipping below 2.5 (a 2.44). What is it going to take to wake them up to the fact that lack of Damon/Elena is HURTING the ratings.

There is no way you're not going to tell me there isn't some sort of connection here. Especially when Damon/Elena sweep every couple poll over Stefan/Elena, not to mention all of the buzz, talk, everywhere about them. The fandom is NOT evenly split, not by a long shot and because of that I can't honestly even understand the show being so determined to give both couples a fair shake more or less this season. And even if I could for that reason, it still wouldn't mesh because the first two seasons were NON-STOP STEFAN/ELENA! We're at the end of season 03 and Damon/Elena have YET to have even remotely as much good stuff as S/E.

And I'm whining, but I can't help it. IT'S NOT FAIR!

And damnit! One more rant. I'm fucking sick and tired of the lack of Damon-love on the show. Everyone treats him like crap. And he doesn't deserve it. Not now. Not when everyone else gets sunshine blown up their ass and forgiveness with a bouquet for any bad thing they do or it's flat-out ignored (paging Stefan!). But Damon?! He's still gets treated like crap for stuff he did in the first season and first episode of season 02, never mind EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY THING he's done good since then. What? Because he's snarky? Why shouldn't he be? Everyone treats him like crap.

Arabian: Alaric01arabian on April 2nd, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)
I know I vented/ranted above, but I'm actually going to disagree a lot with much of your rant. Do you want me to try and help ease some of your concerns, or did you just want to vent? Because I really do have solid answers for lots of this stuff actually.

ETA: I did want to mention this, though:

it appears Stefan gets pissed off and punches Damon in their dungeon and looks in on someone through the bars

There are screencaps of the promo and as I suspected, it's Alaric that Stefan is hitting it looks like. And it's probably Alaric that Stefan locks up because there are rumors that Alaric's alter-ego kills someone else.

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shipperjunkieshipperjunkie on April 2nd, 2012 03:34 am (UTC)
I want you to explain how wrong I am! Please, if you can ease some of my concerns and give solid answers, do so, because I'm all ranty and bitter.
Arabian: Damon & Elena17arabian on April 2nd, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
You asked for it, LOL! Part 1 of 4 (probably) --

I understand exactly how you feel. Being a Damon/Elena shipper is fucking depressing lately. It just is.

I was actually TOTALLY fine until this episode. Narratively speaking, everything that happened from the start of the season until episode 17 with them made perfect sense. But Elena not reacting beyond that one scene to Damon's predicament just keeps nagging at me. And then now knowing that 3.20 is a huge Stefan/Elena episode because heaven forbid they're not "fair and balanced" to the Stefan/Elena fans. And isn't it funny how they never cared about fair and balanced *until* Damon became viable option? That's why I'm bummed now, but I'm getting over it.

The writers seem bound and determined to make sure that for every scrap of good our side gets, the SE get something even more spectacular.

Well, to be fair, while that sadly might be the case here, considering that their first real kiss in 3.10 was followed by Stefan threatening to kill her on the bridge where her parents died, I say we definitely got the better deal there, LOL!

Fans are going nuts over this promo, but I keep telling myself not to even get too excited. She says, "Stefan thinks that I have feelings for you." Damon, with that face and that voice, says, "Do you?" We, of course, don't see her reply. I'm betting her reply is, "I told Stefan I don't know how I feel about you." Or, "I do, but Stefan blah blah blah."

Nah, I actually do think next week will be fabulous for us. I am almost as big a fan of Elena as I am Damon and I stan hard for that girl, and Elena Gilbert may have many flaws, but being cruel is not one of them. There is NO WAY she'll mention that to Damon just to shoot him down and rip his hope and heart away, and either of those answers will do so. I could see her saying she doesn't know, but going further than she did with Stefan in that she'll explain she doesn't know because she's never felt anything like it before, it's out of her control and she feels like she shouldn't feel whatever she does for him, but she does. Or something. But the point is that Elena wouldn't bring it up just to tear him down. And there are not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE scenes that look good for us.

1. The Rose rooting for Damon/Elena line.
2. Stefan saying that her falling for someone else changes things
3. Elena looking at open-shirt Damon
4. Damon laying down next to sleeping Elena
5. Hands touching

Admittedly a few of those could be in the same scene, but no more than a few, so there is DEFINITELY story for them, and Julie did say that it's a huge episode for them, it blows the triangle wide open and despite episode 3.20, what happens with Damon and Elena in episode 3.19 matters plenty.

There's a part of the clip that nobody seems to be talking about, where it appears Stefan gets pissed off and punches Damon in their dungeon and looks in on someone through the bars.

As said above, no worries, that's Alaric.


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Arabian: Damon & Elena(PR)04arabian on April 2nd, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
Part 2 of 4 (probably) --

the very next episode has her dancing w/Stefan and sharing a big moment that will 'reward the SE fans for their patience' just makes me want to back off shipping this show

To be fair she didn't say they are sharing a big moment that will reward S/E fans for their patience. She just said that stuff happens in the episode, which I think is the dance, and the almost-kiss. Hopefully, it's 'almost' because Elena pulls away. And remember, the last time that Julie said there was a HUGE episode for Stefan/Elena, she was talking about episode 11 -- which was when Stefan force-fed her his blood and threatened to kill her where her parents died. She also said there was a Stefan scene that made her cry every time. So, for all we know, the dance and almost-kiss could be the reward and then they break up officially. It's possible.

Because JP and Co could not have fucked up this triangle more this season.

I do disagree with that completely, sorry.

They had to change Damon's character to even make him a palatable, viable, realistic option for Elena.

They had to change Damon's character to make him a palatable, viable, realistic CHARACTER to stay on the show. His change has NOT been about Elena. Damon wanted to be the better person but was (a) never given the guide, and (b) was desperately afraid of getting hurt, and (c) didn't think it was possible. His love for Elena helped him to see that it was possible and his friendship with Ric (going back to "Ghost World," one of the things I loved is that Damon as a "better person" had nothing to do with Elena, but was all about Stefan and Ric) and Liz, and his renewed bond with Stefan, have shown him that it is possible to not be the EVIL guy. Damon needed this to be a happier individual. The Damon we met in season 01 had his switch turned off, once he turned it on, he was MISERABLE! Now, he's not really. And he's not evil either, or the villain.

He's grown and changed and developed lightening fast, considering it's only been a year and a half or so TVD time. And then to not actually put him with Elena, only get close, after all the buildup? The hell, man.

Because it wasn't about changing FOR Elena or to BE WITH Elena; it was about what was best for Damon the character. And, there are results on the Elena front. She did kiss him, she is in love with him. She's just taking her completely-in-character in-denial slow method of travel to fully acknowledge what she feels.

To me, the biggest failure is not taking the fanbase seriously.

This I agree with. While I don't think they should write for any fanbase because I think the show is excellent overall and I like their direction, they do tend to cater (at least in press) to the S/E fanbase to a ridiculous degree while barely acknowledging the Damon/Elena one. And it makes no sense. All I can imagine is that THEY know the long game and THEY know that it's Damon/Elena -- sooner rather than later -- and that therefore they don't have to appease that fanbase because to them the writing is on the wall. What is happening on the show should suffice. The problem is that they don't seem to realize that just because THEY know what's happening, people have been burned too often to see that logical, narrative flow.

Julie has mentioned in the past, and I believe Ian has as well, that the shippers see the DE relationship as far more than it actually is onscreen.

I've read most of their interviews, and I don't recall them EVER saying anything like that. Other than Ian saying that people talked about this passionate kiss in the finale, which he didn't get because it was gross and sweaty. And I did agree with him. But yeah, I've never heard either say that the Damon/Elena fans see what isn't there. Especially when you have much of the D/E fanbase (in my experience) actually seeing LESS THAN is there. For instance, other than 3.17-3.18 -- and that at least had the one scene showing Elena's concern -- I've DEFINITELY seen the continued build-up of Damon/Elena, while many other fans have been complaining about the lack non-stop. It hasn't been all bed and roses, but I've definitely seen a D/E narrative minus 3.17 (where they were involved in other stories).


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Arabian: Damon & Elena05arabian on April 2nd, 2012 08:41 pm (UTC)
Part 3 of 4 --

For Elena, by this point in season three, not to have done a little soul-searching on the topic is just stupid, especially when you consider that literally every character besides Jeremy this season has talked to her about the state of their relationship. Beginning with Tyler, Caroline, then Alaric, Bonnie, Rebekah's taunts, even Stefan now has point blank asked her. She has no response? EVEN AFTER KISSING HIM?

But she HAS done soul-searching. We know that due to her comment to Matt. The problem is that she has NO ONE to talk to about this AT ALL. Ric is out, because that would be squicky. Matt is out, because he's her ex, and even then she talked to him a little about it. Stefan is out, because, well, duh, he's Stefan. Bonnie and Caroline are out, because of Caroline's history with him, and because neither girl particularly likes Damon. With Jenna gone, Elena has no one to talk to about him, really talk about him without automatic judgement of NO!BAD!WRONG!

Plus, she's scared, alone and confused. She's so confused. She's never felt anything like this before. She feels that she *shouldn't* feel anything for him, and yet she does. And she's soul-searched enough to know that she does. It was established in the Pilot and has been proven time and time again that Elena finds dealing with pain and confusion by heading into denial-land. And she's been handed SO MUCH pain and confusion that denial-land is the safest place for her right now. To open this Pandora's box of FEELINGS for Damon is terrifying.

Everything around her continues to fall apart, she is all alone in so many ways, and if she can just hold on to the "truths" she knows without opening up a whole messy can of worms and most likely making her life a gazillion times harder, she's going to. Elena is well aware that once she opens that door with him, that's it. Can you imagine how honestly terrifying it would be to be on the receiving end of Damon's love? Right now, her non-admitted-recriprocation is all that has kept it at bay. But a Damon who gets that love in return, oh boy! It's going to be beyond any kind of intense she could ever imagine. It's TERRIFYING. Wonderful, crazy, awesome, beautiful ... but terrifying, because there is NO line that he won't cross to keep her safe. None. And he's wild, and impetuous, and crazy, and passionate and this is a girl who's never really experienced passion. She's scared out of her mind to get into something with him.

This latter half of season three has been so disconnected from the first ten episodes that it seems like brand new writers are behind it.

I don't see it that way at all. It's all been a very clear, carefully mapped journey. In fact, why Elena is acting as she is with Damon is because of the first half of the season. He was there for her in every way possible, and then because she made one careless (albeit cruel) comment, which she tired to take back immediately Damon has seemingly turned his back on her. He's not there for her, he's offering no support, he's snarky, he's stand-offish, he's screwing other women, and he generally is acting like he doesn't care all that much. And THAT is why Elena is responding as she is. She doesn't know that he's doing it to make her hate him so that she has no conflict in finding what he believes is her destined happiness - reunited with Stefan. She just knows that the one she was depending on the most, who she had built this wonderful connection is suddenly, inexplicably completely gone.


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Arabian: Damon & Elena18arabian on April 2nd, 2012 08:41 pm (UTC)
Part 4 of 4 (phew!) --

Ever since 3x11, she's been tearing a strip off Damon in every episode at least once, bitch face firmly in place.

Not true, not true AT ALL. The fact that Damon has been pushing her away and deliberately being a jerky-boy for reasons that she can't fathom, yet she tried to reach him still in 3.15, talked about her feelings for him in 3.16, and was worried about him in 3.18, shows how much she does care. Damon has been the jerk to her first, she's just responding to his attitude. Why does she always have to be the bigger person who has to call Damon out (and forgive him) when he's being an ass? Why is Elena wrong because she's not correcting his behavior for the gazillionth time, for not repeating the same thing that's clearly fallen on deaf ears? How does this make her the bad guy? Damon is being a jerk to her. In her mind, she said one mean thing to him and despite ALL that she has forgiven him for (and what he's done has been much, much worse), he's done with her for that one comment. He ignored her phone calls, is sleeping around with women who tried to kill her, isn't there offering support of any kind, is back to being a snarky ass who doesn't appear to give a crap about anyone, all of his walls resurrected. Yet she's the bad guy because she's not calling him on HIS bad behavior ... again. Yet, despite that, she's STILL shown that she does care, and it's obvious feelings ARE there going past 3.11.

3.12 - She was trying to block out what happened, and shutting down the conversation with Bonnie instead of denying anything there, plus when she told Stefan that she kissed Damon, she phrased it that way, taking ownership of what happened.
3.13 - She did try and call Damon after what happened with Ric, but HE didn't answer her call.
3.14 - She did make a point of taking Damon's arm, when Stefan took hers, she did flirt lightly with him when he asked her to dance, and look at my icon - that's Elena looking AT Damon when they dance. She did look back at his body in regret after Stefan snapped his neck, she did feel immediate regret after she said what she did that hurt him.
3.15 - We saw her restless over him, know that she tried to call him over and over after the ball, when she spoke to him and things were clearly still bad, she rushed over, completely ignored Stefan's presence as she tried to justify why Damon slept with Rebekah, and basically fretted and bitched about it to EVERYONE throughout the episode (because she was jealous and hurt -- whether it was fair or not be hurt and jealous, she was, very much so because she loves him!).
3.16 - When Damon was an ass to her upon first seeing him, she told him to stop pushing away people who care about him, implying that he was pushing her away, she also told Matt that she couldn't shake Damon, he was under her skin.

I don't even want to talk about the ball.

Read this, if you haven't. It might help with that one. I was VERY upset about that initially, but a rewatch and further thought made Elena's actions TOTALLY understandable.

Why couldn't we see the moment it clicked for Stefan that Elena has feelings for Damon?

That is honestly a big part of where this ranting post came from, based on the stuff missing from the last episode. I was able to rationalize most of it away, but not seeing anything AT ALL from Elena beyond that one scene where she asked about rescuing him was very, very disheartening. I get the why of the kidnapping, but it felt like a HUGE wasted opportunity to show the others realizing that Damon does mean at least a LITTLE something to them, and Elena getting a kick in the pants about her feelings for him, and Stefan seeing that reaction from her which led to that scene at the end. Still, other than that aspect of the episode, narratively-speaking, and even from the Damon/Elena point of view, I haven't had issue with the direction of them this season at all, even the recent episodes because I think it's stuff that needed to happen and be dealt with.

I could go on and on, sorry for the wall of text.

LOL! That wasn't a wall of text. THIS was a wall of text. :)

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shipperjunkieshipperjunkie on April 2nd, 2012 03:41 am (UTC)
That actually makes much more sense. I thought it was Damon because of the lighter blue shirt, and that it seemed like an awfully powerful punch from vampire to human.
Arabian: Alaric01arabian on April 2nd, 2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
The hair is definitely brown of the person that Stefan is punching, and based on the spoilers about Alaric possibly killing someone else it makes sense that Stefan locks him up.