Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol quick thoughts

Quick American Idol thoughts... So I mentioned that Heejun was losing me last week, and before I watched last night's episode, I said to myself, okay, he's got tonight to win me back. And YAY! He did. He sounded beautiful, and I was kinda in awe at how QUIET the audience was. There were a few moments of cheering, but overall, there was like this still hush over the crowd as if he had them in a spell, and then came the standing ovation. Beautiful.

I also liked Colton. I know he's not perfect, but there's something about him (and so not his hair) that really appeals to me now. Phillip Phillips was good, he has star presence, but I just don't love him. The girls continue to not impress me, and neither do the other two guys.
Tags: american idol, tv

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