Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Heads-up, re: TVD post ...

I'll probably get it up on Friday, but it will DEFINITELY be much later than usual. I'm going to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games after work (!!!!!), and probably won't even watch TVD until tomorrow. And, honestly, any other episode, I'd be more bummed, but seriously NOTHING about the upcoming episode via preview/promo have me gung-ho about the episode at all. Ya'll know how hot I find Ian Somerhalder, and I think Damon is sexy as all get-out, but I'm done with seeing him sex it up with other characters. I want Damon with Elena. Period. So, not really looking forward to what the preview promised. For once, waiting on TVD, will not be the heart wrenching affair it generally is. (Of course, I wasn't terribly looking forward to "1912," and we all know how much I loved that, lol!)

Really, right now, I'm just all about The Hunger Games! I am so excite, there are no words!!!!!
Tags: damon salvatore, damon/elena, ian somerhalder, the hunger games, the vampire diaries, tv

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