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Bones & (A Little Bit of) Justice

Well, my sister sat down and watched my 2nd favorite new show (Bones) from last season's premiere with me (the first being my beloved, cancelled too-soon Killer Instinct). We also watched a bit of the new Victor Garber show, Justice. My thoughts and hers below the cut.

So Bones: It was great having my show back. I didn't dislike Camille right away. Of course the fact that I remembered the actress from Serenity and that she's good helped. I actually liked her through most of the show, my only problems were the slightly flirty scenes with Booth. Grrr.

It wasn't a great episode, but it was good. I loved that the credits actually make sense now. ED/DB have dual billing and the actor's name is paired with the actor's face, unlike the lameness of last season's credits. Also, maybe I'm strangely blanking on it, but I don't recall them doing those CSI-type of close-ups/flashbacks last season. I DO NOT LIKE IT! Go away.

As for my sister, she liked the show and really liked Emily Deschanel and Bones, which is cool, because she basically said what I thought when I first watched it. And funny, she watched Angel and so when we saw Bones in sunlight at the end of the show, she was like "eh, Angel's in the sunlight. Weird." And I had to tell her how so many BtVS/Angel viewers had that response when first watching the show. Heh.

Hmm, Justice ... I love Victor Garber, but honestly, what I saw I wasn't impressed. I need to watch the whole thing. My problem is that, I think there is a REALLY good show, but it's damn near hidden behind all the super-neato-cool glitz and slick camera angles and shots. It was just trying too hard. I dunno, I may feel differently after watching the whole thing.
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