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22 March 2012 @ 01:52 am
American Idol, a new fave ...  
So I have a new American Idol favorite, and I've sorta given up on another. Spoilers for tonight's episode.

I love Heejun, I think he's charming and funny and adorable, but I do think he's bought into the hype around him too much, and sadly, his vocals are suffering. I don't know what it is, because pre-the live shows, I loved his tone and phrasing, but he's just not bringing it. I still like him, but I don't see how he'll even remotely go the distance at this point.

Phillip Phillips continues to be the obvious winner, in my opinion, and he's done the opposite of Heejun, in that he never impressed me pre-the live shows, but post them, I've been really digging him. And his performance tonight of "Moving Out" was fantastic. The song was recognizable, but he really made it his own.

My new favorite, though, is Colton Dixon. He has not impressed me at all, to the point where I didn't even like him and didn't think he should have made it past Vegas. But last week, his performance was a showstopper for me, and was the first time I saw someone in AGES on AI actually come across like a ROCK STAR! And tonight, his "Pianoman" was gorgeous and vulnerable and strong, and I'm officially a fan. He's my favorite now.
sassy, classy, and a bit smart-assybadboy_fangirl on March 22nd, 2012 03:59 pm (UTC)
I have had no feelings for Colton other than to *roll my eyes* at his rocker style, because I feel like he's trying to hard, but I admit, his rendition of "Piano Man" was impressive, and I was all kinds of prepared to not be impressed because, c'mon, it's Piano Man! He's not my favorite, but he's on my radar now. I'll be interested to see if he just had his David Cook moment for me and now I'll love everything he does, or if he did one song I like as Casey Abrams did last season.

I really like the girls this season and I thought there were a lot of strong performances last night, but Erika was the one I voted for because the judges give her no love.
Arabian: BrookeWhite02arabian on March 22nd, 2012 04:46 pm (UTC)
Like I said, he did nothing to me prior to last week, but I was impressed and this week, he really hit it out of the park again.

As for the girls, I dunno, they're just boring me. There's not a single one that does anything for me. Seriously, other than the three guys (Coltin, Phillip, Heejun), I just don't care about any of the others. Ah well.
sassy, classy, and a bit smart-assy: Allgoodbadboy_fangirl on March 22nd, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
I didn't really think much of his performance last week, and I keep thinking about how he butchered "Decode" on Top 13 night, so I need him to prove himself a bit more. But doing such justice to that song definitely makes me curious to see what he'll do next.

If Phillip wins it, I'm never watching AI again, seriously. He's alright for me (for me, for you), but if a guitar-playing white guy wins for the FIFTH year in a row, it's over for me.

Oh, that's too bad you don't like any of the girls, because I love so many of them. Hmmm.
Arabian: Kelly_Stararabian on March 22nd, 2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I never got past 20 seconds of his other performances, LOL!, so maybe that's why I was able to easier forget the bad performances of before.

Phillip is so winning, but I'm not giving up on the show because to me it's long been not about who wins, but rather what great new artists I find, and I've found a lot! (Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Diana DeGarmo, John Stevens, Daughtry, Brooke White, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, Lauren Alaina, Carrie Underwood, Hayley Vaughn etc.). I may not like everything they put out, but I've gotten enough musical enjoyment from them to not imagine I won't continue to get more. The girls are going to vote for the white boy with guitar, until AI stops putting them through, it's going to happen. I've accepted it at this point.