Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Damon/Elena Speculation for Episodes 3.19/3.20

Trying to sleep, and TVD thoughts were just a'roaming in my head.

I was thinking last night of various spoilers (and possibly foilers, true enough) last night, and I came up with a theory regarding Elena's choice.

In 3.19 --

- Damon is possibly being tortured.
- Stefan and Alaric have scenes together.
- Elena and Stefan have scenes together.

In 3.20 --

- Damon escorts Elena to the 20's Decades dance.
- Damon/Elena share a dance (but as far as we've heard, not Stefan/Elena)
- Ian referenced filming a scene that people really love or really hate.

So I was thinking that maybe in 3.19, we're going to get a parallel to what happened in 1.17 ("Let the Right One In") when Damon, Elena and Alaric worked together to rescue Stefan. I was even imagining a similar scene to the classroom where Damon was trying to keep Elena from participating and she told him "it's Stefan." I could see something similar with her stating, "it's Damon." And basically this whole situation leading to Stefan realizing that Elena loves Damon. And, more importantly, due to whatever situation they find Damon in, Elena waking up to that fact as well.

I'm wondering then if Elena's choice is made in 3.19/3.20, and not in the last episode of the season. Hmm....
Tags: damon/elena, spoilers, the vampire diaries, tv

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