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28 February 2012 @ 07:32 pm
Monday TV I watched - The Voice & Smash -- WHEE! MUSIC!  
Watched The Voice and other than Chris Mann (from the first or second night) haven't really glommed onto anyone. LOVE the judges' bantering, though, especially Adam and Blake.

Adam: Blake, you're an excellent vocalist.
Blake: I love you, Adam.
Adam: I love you too. {pause} And I mean that in a totally-non sexual way.
Blake: I can't say the same.

BWAHHHAHAHAAAAAAAAHHHAHA!! And I loved Christina getting on stage to sing with Sera Hill. That was fantastic. Battle Rounds next week!! Dun dun dun! AND KELLY CLARKSON!! Goooooooooo TEAM BLAKE!

I also watched Smash -- and you know, just thinking on it now, I really don't like the show's title. It should be "Julia is Awesome!" or "Eileen Kicks Ass!" or "Derek is Hot!" or "Can I Be Team Karen *and* Ivy?"

Well as lame as last week's episode of Smash was, this one was awesome. Other than being a wee bit thrown by the sudden slowing down (like she was gonna faint) and then switch to Karen singing "Rumor Has It," I pretty much loved all of this.

- I continue to ADORE the Marilyn: The Musical numbers. They sound and feel so much like real Broadway that I'm eating it up so much.

- That one moment during the impromptu performance at the party to get Nick Jonas' backing when we saw Julia singing and shimmying with Ivy was one of my favorites of the series so far. I'm not quite sure why I loved it so much, but I totally did.

- I really like how well-rounded I'm feeling these characters are. Ivy does some slightly diva-ish, bitchy things to get Karen out of the way, and then you turn around and get why she's doing it when she talks to her new friend (I like him!) and then her insecurity with the whole Derek thing.

- Speaking of, I see what you did thar, show! The preview last week had Ivy saying "your hand was on her ass" with a shot from NEXT week when Derek had his hand on Karen's ass, but in actuality her comment was for his hand on Ellis' friend, Cyn's ass. Sneaky.

- Now, can we get to Jack's hand on Karen's ass like now!? Because I'm totally shipping Karen/Derek. I think that Katherine McPhee and Jack Davenport have some fantastic chemistry, and I want more ... NOW! Not that Megan Hilty and Davenport don't, there was definitely a little thrill there when he ran his finger down her arm in practice. They just don't surge with chemistry like Karen/Derek too (and I've thought that from the previews with Karen and Derek from the Pilot, every scene with them since has just deepened that appreciation).

- I also like how they're doing Dev. He's a nice guy, he obviously loves Karen, but in small ways we are seeing why he's not the best boyfriend for her. He's not being demonized for the sake of our stars (ie, Jack Davenport), but shown as not right for Karen.

- I thought they rather side-stepped the cliche of Ivy's friends helping Karen because Karen didn't win the one friend over with kindness, but basically by being a petty bitch, LOL! And it was the one friend who convinced the others to help, and since they are all "ensemble," they have something in common that they don't with Ivy any longer.

- I was never a Debra Messing fan in Will & Grace, but I have to say I am LOVING her on this show.

- I kinda wish they wouldn't have Ellis be EVUL like last week, but rather just a kid who wants to be close to the Broadway scene, because without that anvillicious edit of last week, I do feel for him because Julia is SO mean to him. It's not even that she's mean, but that she belittles him and treats him like he's less than her. And I feel for that aspect of the character, to the point that when he joined them in that impromptu performance I was even a little happy for him.

- Eileen, Eileen, Eileen! And Anjelica Huston continues to prove why she's so awesome. Just the way she looked at that Degas -- the painting itself, and then the realization that even that is Jerry's. Gah! I just felt so much for her.

- Obviously, we are getting more into the competition for the role of Marilyn judging from next week's promo, but I have to say that DAYUM! Megan Hilty (aside from being a fabulous singer) does a FABULOUS Marilyn vocal impression.

- Okay, one other minor quibble. The fact that Nick Jonas (yeah, yeah, Lyle something, whatever, he's Nick Jonas -- the only one of the Brothers Jonai that I actually like) was able to join in with the correct guitar notes AND a lyric of the song was a bit ridiculous, but it was all in good fun, so it was just a teeny quibble.

Overall, great episode!
hiddeneloisehiddeneloise on February 29th, 2012 05:35 am (UTC)
The Voice out of the way first: After 5 episodes of auditions, the only person I really remember and liked and will root for (though I don't think she has a chance against the big belters) is Lindsey Pavao. I loved what she did with that song (and it's a song I would have never even noticed if sung by someone else). She's got the kind of voice that just cuts me to the deep. I am disappointed, though, that she went with Christina.
hiddeneloisehiddeneloise on February 29th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
Gah! LJ cut me off before I finished my comment. Boo!

As coaches go, judging by the past season, the two to go for are Blake and CeLo. And it has less to do with actual coaching and everything to do with how they take care of their team and see people through. People think that, since Adam won, he's the go-to coach, and that's not it at all. He won, because a) Javier was going to win no matter what, because it's at least in part the viewers' vote, and that's who was indicated by the popularity contest (as little as I understand it, because Javier was about as interesting as a dead fish); and b) because Adam fudged the numbers when it was Javier vs. the girl singer (I forgot her name). He didn't even hide the fact. He admitted to everyone he scored her low, because he wanted Javier to win.

Who the hell wants a coach like that?

Blake and CeLo are the ones that will champion their teams no matter what, and, more importantly, even when a contestant is gone from the competition, if they believe in this person, they will aid them in their further career. THAT is what any contestant with a brain should aim for. When Blake says "I can make you a country star," he isn't grandstanding. It's not an empty promise to get a person on his team. He will do his darnest to introduce you to the right people, to promote your work, to get you contracts and tours.

Anyway. "Smash." I agree with a lot you've said. Just a few minor things to add. I am still not a big fan of Derek. Yes, there's a lot of chemistry with Karen, and yes, they absolutely will go there. And the actor is great, and, to their credit, they did give the character some depth. But ... he is still such a dick! lol

But yeah, I do see the potential.

I have little to add to what you said about this ep, I just wanted to say that I adore Angelica Huston, and I laughed so hard the previous ep when she kept throwing drinks in her ex's face. It was like a running gag, and anyone else -- it would have been artificial. But Angelica pulled it off with such absolute conviction. :))
Arabian: What's not to Love? (Logan)arabian on February 29th, 2012 06:06 am (UTC)
I honestly don't understand why more weren't going for Blake. He obviously was soooooo there for his vocalists. And he is the ONLY coach who has name-checked his top 2 (Dia and Xenia) and more than once. He truly seems to care and tries to bring out the best for them.

RE: Smash, thank God you didn't catch it because I just corrected it now in read-through, but I KNOW how to spell Degas! Ahem.

Oh, Derek is a total dick .. but Karen's so sweet, they'll blend nicely, LOL! And, you know me, chemistry-whore unless the story itself is atrocious.

I just wanted to say that I adore Angelica Huston

She is so worth of adoration! The drink-throwing thing is hilarious, it's the beat she takes each time, like she's thinking 'Will I? Do I hate him that much? Then a mental nod of conviction! Yes, I do!' Throws drink in face, bwah!

Not-Monday-night related, but is it awful that I'm hoping terribly that Jason's arc on Ringer is over? GAWD! What a terrible show. I'd given up doing anything but watching his scenes, but even through fast-forward you can tell what utter crapola this show is. Please, please, please get something else ... and something good. (I still mourn Body Politic.)

Edited at 2012-02-29 06:07 am (UTC)
hiddeneloisehiddeneloise on February 29th, 2012 07:50 am (UTC)
Oh, man, yes on the Ringer! All three of them -- Jason, SMG, and Ioan -- deserve a better fate. It's so, so bad, this show. I, too, mourn Body Politic. I want his Ringer gig to end quickly as much as you do, and I further want him to find something much better. After this and the Supernatural, I am also wishing it's far, far away from CW. Come on, Universe. It's time. He is not a hard sell.
Arabian: What's not to Love? (Logan)arabian on February 29th, 2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
It's really, really, really bad!

At this point, I'm fine with him getting CW because they are capable of putting out good shows (okay, The Vampire Diaries and Nikita -- but those are two REALLY, REALLY shows), as long as he's a leading character. I just want him on my screen again REGULARLY!

Arabian: Jason Dohring01arabian on February 29th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
Hmm, I don't really remember her, but I'll keep an eye out for her next week. Yeah, Christina is, I think, the worst coach. She really seems more about CHRISTINA! than the vocalists.
hiddeneloisehiddeneloise on February 29th, 2012 07:46 am (UTC)
I actually think Adam is the worst coach. Not because he's all about himself in the same way Christina is, but because he is all about himself in that he's focused on winning at any cost. And the cost is usually at the expense of his singers. He lucked out with Javier, that's all. He did more harm to his other contestants than good to his winner.
Arabian: Alaric01arabian on February 29th, 2012 10:51 pm (UTC)
Hmm, that's very true. I guess I didn't really notice because when Adam wasn't bantering with Blake, I didn't pay much attention to him because I didn't really care about any of his picks. But if you paid attention, I'll take your word for it.
she was a work in progress.: televisiondreamer_98 on March 5th, 2012 04:35 am (UTC)
Blake and Adam need to make out. Seriously.

I want to like Ivy, but with her bitchy attitude towards Karen and her sleeping with Derek, it's hard. I agree she does a better Marilyn, but I just don't sympathize with her character so far.
Arabian: TVarabian on March 7th, 2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
Blake and Adam need to make out. Seriously.


I like Karen better than Ivy because of her bitchy ways, but Ivy still makes me feel for her, so I'm torn, plus, damn, Megan Hilty is SUCH a fabulous singer.