Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Truly a silly TVD rant, but it bugs!!

Yes, I know I'm all over my previous TVD issues, but I MUST briefly bitch and whine about something!

OH MY FUCKING GOD!! SERIOUSLY! I KNEW IT!!! Can they not have ONE FUCKING FLASHBACK EPISODE WITHOUT STEFAN!!?!?!?!??!?! We didn't get to see Damon in suave 1920's garb in "The End of the Affair," because it was ALL Stefan's flashback (never mind that he's already had more than anyone else), but here when it actually looks like a Damon-ONLY flashback episode ... nope! New stills from 3.16 just came out and, of course, here's Stefan!

Geez, at this point, (not including one-time flashbackers) Elijah and Klaus (and that's barely) are the only ones who have been featured LESS than Damon in flashback episodes.

Tags: damon salvatore, spoilers, stefan salvatore, the vampire diaries, tv

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