Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, part 1 of Top 24 Reveals

Thoughts on my picks from the first night of top 24 reveals.

Two guys made it that I love, two more that I really like and a fifth that I've had my eye on.

1.) My favorite is HeeJun Han bar none. LOVE HIM! So glad he made it. Everything about him, his personality, his jokes, his look and his lovely, lovely voice. I still think he needs to work on removing his accent from his singing voice, but overall, I just ... aaahhh, just love him so!

2.) I also loved Creighton Fraker from moment one -- which is weird, because he has a nasal quality to his voice and heavy vibrato which I normally do not like, but something about him just reaches out and grabs me -- he made it through too. Yay! (His "What a Wonderful World" is my favorite performance of the season so far.)

3.) And I really like Reed Grimm as well. I don't love *love* him like I do the first two, but I really, really like him.

4.) I also really, really like Joshua Ledet. Well, I liked all of his earlier stuff, but I think he was a bit over-the-top in what we saw of this final performance. Hopefully, he's more like the earlier rounds once the live performances hit.

5.) Finally, there is Phil Phillips -- who I called as winning the whole shebang when he first auditioned, and I still think he'll take it. The way he crunches up when he sings drives me batty, and his voice makes me cringe a bit with the, well, crunchiness, but I really like how he comes across. And I really like him and HeeJun together, and so I was quite pleased when I FINALLY liked a vocal performance by him as I did this one before the top 24 pick. Hopefully, I continue to like him, because, yeah, he's going all the way.

Frankly, I don't really care about tomorrow night because no other contestants really caught my attention. Maybe a female will tomorrow, or someone will surprise me over the live shows, but for now it's just these five.
Tags: american idol, tv

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