Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Quick thoughts on Smash last night

I'm still overall really enjoying this show. :)

However, last night was pretty disappointing except for the final song ("Mr. and Mrs. Smith" -- I thought that was GORGEOUS!). I'm not going to ding the show that bad because I really enjoyed the first two episodes and I still really like Karen, Ivy, Derek, and the producers/show writers. It was just that last night was very disjointed, and Ellis (Tom's assistant) can DIAF anytime. And the ridiculously predictable shot of Ellis listening to Julia's confession about Michael just made me roll my eyes so hard. Then, there was a bit too much naivety in most of the characters that I was just, ugh!

Plus, I didn't like either non-Marilyn song. I know they are having two non-Marilyn songs per episode, and I'm fine with that, but have it fit seamlessly. I felt like the "Redneck Woman" was just thrown in there to provide another song, and I didn't know Michael (still don't) enough to care about listening to him growl through a Bruno Mars song. And so badly. Seriously, I was wondering why the heck they hired this guy, he sounded so karaoke lame, and then he rocked it out of the park in the Marilyn number.

So, yeah, I still really like the show, but this week not so much. I hope the other episodes are more like the first two!
Tags: smash, tv

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