Arabian (arabian) wrote,

New header!

I just couldn't resist. I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH!! I don't know how long I'll keep it -- I mean, I had the last one FOREVER!, and I do want to continue to show my TVD-love, so we'll see, but for now, I just want to be able to look at the pretty every time I go to my LJ. :)

I made redo a similar one with the various images that I like most from/about TVD and include this shot in it. But for now ...

ETA: Scratch that, I just moved a few things around, and added this image (and the Damon/Elena kiss) to the current header. I'm not feeling the overall look here. I do plan on editing/updating the pictures and adding a few more, maybe taking some out. (Stefan/Damon, Elijah/Katherine, etc.)

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