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Rob Thomas: His logic does not resemble earth logic

I just remain in a constant state of befuddlement regarding Rob Thomas' discussion of the upcoming season. With regards to Kristen Bell, I harbor no confusion whatsoever. If the show is cancelled, she'd, no doubt, be thrilled. But I believe that Rob Thomas actually does want the show to continue. Which is why I am so confused.

Rob Thomas knows that Logan is incredibly popular. He knows that many an online viewer is frustrated with the treatment by himself, Kristen Bell, even Jason Dohring, of the character and how he is dismissed, put down, shown to never practically get a break. He is well aware of the popularity of the L/V relationship from online, from most journalistic queries, from polls online and in magazines. He knows that many, many viewers were NOT happy with L/V dating over the summer, broken up during the show with eleven episodes of VD, not to mention the practically nonexistent triangle. Rob Thomas knows all of this; we know that he knows this.

Furthermore, he is well aware that his show's renewal was damn near a miracle. Based on how such decisions are made, VM should not have been renewed when looking at the facts -- growing dissatisfaction from viewership (even from some of the most loyal), ratings falling further and further into the toilet, a combined network leaving less available hours for programming. Yet, it was renewed. One would imagine that he would take his knowledge of all of the above in the preceding paragraph and use it, at least in promoting the show, to insure higher ratings when VM premieres.

However, Rob Thomas is going the opposite route. Instead of promoting the fact that Logan and Veronica are a couple and happy for a period of time, instead of all but crowing, I listened, I'm giving viewers what they want, yay!. Instead of offering viewers something to look forward to, he is letting viewers know the above but with a caveat that dampens much of any enthusiasm that would normally be derived from the L/V coupling information. The caveat being that we already have a new love interest for Veronica! Yay, says Rob!! He's the opposite of Logan!!! He's the anti-Logan! Yay, says Rob!! As if he actually, truly believes that this is going to make viewers look forward to the new season (and this character, who many are choosing to hate sight unseen because of this ridiculous pimping).

Essentially the man is saying: Look, I put the couple together that most viewers want together, but nevermind that, what you need to focus on is that I already picked this groovy, awesome, OMG!You're gonna love him SOOO MUCH! brand-new love interest for Veronica. And you'll all love him because he's the opposite of Logan.

Where in God's name is the logic there? Where?!?!? Why would the creator of a struggling show choose to promote said struggling show by pimping a new love interest and placing a dark cloud over the pairing most everyone wants ... BEFORE THE SHOW EVEN AIRS!??!?!?! I say this in all sincerity, not a trace of sarcasm. Rob Thomas' "... logic does not resemble our earth logic." I simply do not understand.
Tags: logan/veronica, rant, veronica mars

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