Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Damon/Elena speculation :)

Some speculation about Damon (and Damon/Elena) behind the cut. Based fully on episodes aired and my non-spoiled imagination. :)

Pure speculation here -- because I'm all spoiler-free baby (for now) -- but based on Damon's reaction to Klaus' 'best for Elena' speechifying in the last episode and Damon's non-phone-call-answering (not done for Stefan's) benefit, I'm thinking we may see a few things happen with him. Obviously, next week he's still on the Elena-train based on the preview, but I'm thinking something may happen (adding to what happened in this last episode) which convinces him thoroughly to take that "beat" that Alaric told him to back in "Disturbing Behavior."

So, we may have Damon pulling away from Elena in his role as her sexless boyfriend (because, let's be real, that's essentially what he's been like forever to her). Also, I think we may see him either begin flirtations/fooling around with various women, or find himself a new girlfriend (minus the compulsion). And I'm okay with that because as much as I love Elena, and as much as I get where she's coming from, she has been taking Damon and his devotion to her for granted for a very, very long time. As stubborn and as in denial as the girl is, she clearly needs several kinds of kicks in the pants to get the picture. And think of it, what was it that made her reunite with Stefan after they broke up in season 02? Him being stuck with Katherine in the tomb, ie, her jealousy. Uh huh. So, if this is the case -- since I don't see Damon even remotely actually falling out of love with Elena, or in love with someone else -- I say bring it on!

If you know ANY spoilers (no matter how big or teeny) that do or do not support them please don't share them as such so I can stay in spoiler-free land. Thanks. :)
Tags: damon salvatore, damon/elena, elena gilbert, the vampire diaries, tv

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