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'The Vampire Diaries' endgame?


- What is *your* dream endgame for The Vampire Diaries? Not based on what you think will happen, on producer/actor/fan commentary, and perhaps or perhaps not based on what is happening right now (or the last few seasons) but what you would like to see happen as the series winds down. Which couples do you want to see together? Where do you want to see the characters? Who do you want to survive to the end? As a human? As a vampire? Who do you want to die (if anyone)?

- What do you think *will be* the endgame for the series? Based on what has happened in canon on the show, what hints/clues the producers/actors have given out? Which couple(s), character(s) will be standing as a human or vampire at the end?


ETA: My answers ...

My dream endgame has Damon/Elena, Stefan/Caroline, Elijah/Katherine together, with Klaus dead. I've also been hunkering with the idea of Alaric/Rebekah, but I haven't really seen the characters/actors interact so I don't know if they have chemistry or if they would even work together. I'd like to see Bonnie, Caroline, Elena, Stefan, Rebekah go to college with Elena dropping out after a year, realizing a normal life really is just not her, and eventually choosing to become a vampire to be with Damon forever.

Stefan and Elena develop the friendship that we thought that Stefan and Lexi had (you know, platonic soulmates WITHOUT the torture). If Alaric/Rebekah works out (haha!), he can become a vampire too, and he and Damon remain BFFs. Klaus and Tyler die. Jeremy survives as a human, and marries a sweet, human girl who keeps the damn boy grounded ... and away from internet seaches! Matt also survives, eventually becoming a deputy, then sheriff! Bonnie excels in college and settles down with a nice, normal guy who gets that she's a witch, and is happy to stand by her side and support her.

Finally, the brothers have found their middle ground -- Stefan not pretending to be the "good" one, and Damon not playing at the "bad" one -- but both having found a happy balance. And also ready, happy and willing to acknowledge their love for one another, including hugs and no excuses, damnit!

As to what I think what will be endgame? I do genuinely think that Damon/Elena will be endgame, Stefan may or may not be with Caroline (or Katherine or Rebekah), or he may decide to go wander the world finding himself. Or he may wind up sacrificing himself for good for Damon, I could see that and see him be at peace with it in a way. Whichever happens, he and Damon will be at peace with one another, having found their middle ground and love. That I'm as sure of as I am of Damon/Elena endgame, if not more.

If Tyler lasts this season and they are still playing with the Tyler/Caroline romance angle, then I think they'll be endgame (not particularly happy about that prospect). The originals will either be dead, out of commission or have left Mystic Falls. I also think that the show has managed to keep a tight handle on the main aspects of the mythology and that they have a planned ending that will, in the end, reunite the survivors as this tribal family (likely vampiric) that travel together.
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