Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Project Runway All Stars, episode 3

Very quick thoughts.

For real.

WOOHOO!! Two in a row for MICHAEL!! I just keep thinking of those guys from his season who dissed him as untalented, blah, blah, blah. Look at him now, baby!!!

DOUBLE WOOHOO! April is GONE! YEAH, BABY! I thought that Kenley would be my least-favorite of the all-stars but her obnoxiousness is either gone through maturity (or hasn't had a chance to shine yet), which left me with the glum, dour, never-liked-her-designs-anyway and WHY-would-you-DYE-your-hair-old-lady-gray? April. AND NOW SHE IS GONE!! WHEE!!!!!!!!!
Tags: project runway, tv

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