Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Would like happy stuffies ...

I've just spent the last couple of hours reminded of the judgmental idiocy of the interwebz, have had aspects of my fandom ripped apart, was accidentally spoiled (my fault, yo!), and on top of that, I'm getting sick ....

So, anyone in the mood to post some happy gifs, macros, images, funny songs/videos, etc.? Pretty please. :)

ETA: The accidental spoilage and my sad mood have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I'm sad because of a bunch of things, including the fact that I WAS spoiled, not the spoiler itself. Just so that no one thinks they can garner what the spoiler was about based on my mood, cuz it's not related -- didn't even cross my mind that anyone would equate the mood until someone did. Sorry. :(

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