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American Idol, Auditions 1 & 2

Breaking my pattern. Instead of listing all the singers I think will make it through to the semis and top 12 -- I think I've proven I have a good record on that, so we're good ;) -- I'm just listing the stand-outs to me (and a singer or two on occasion who I think will make waves but didn't move me peronally.)

Savannah, Georgia

- Gabi Carruba ... 16-year old, but such a rich, beautiful voice. I really liked her. (She was the second one we saw after the 12-year-old-looking 17-year old -- who was good too.)

- Shannon McGrane ... 6 foot 15-year old with the World Series Cardinal daddy, Joe. Lovely, lovely voice. I really liked her too. Not as much as Gabi, but still gorgeous.

- Phillip Phillips ... And here's my cheat, I actually thought he had way too many tics that didn't work for me, but looking at him, I think it's quite possible that's our next American Idol. I did like his voice, I just don't like what he does with it.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

- Heejun Han ... SO ADORABLE! And what a fabulous voice. His accent does tend to come through a bit when singing, but once he gets that modulated better, there's no complaints. Just fantastic. LOVE HIM!

- Creighton Fraker ... Funky dude who wrote the 'American Idol' song on the bus ride, then did a classic. Great voice, great attitude, great vibe.

- Hallie Day ... Last girl of the night, the blonde who sang "I Will Survive," had a fantastic voice, just clear as a bell and amazing.

And that's all she wrote. Just going with faves here. Wow, a much shorter list! :)

Re: The judges, well, one in particular: Say it's an act, whatever, then she's a fantastic actress, but Jennifer Lopez just comes across as one of the sweetest, most adorable (and insanely gorgeous) people ever! And I love her.
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