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The Pilot LoVe Thoughts

I've been working on a LoVe Analysis for all of the LoVe scenes for the episode breakdowns we're doing over at my Logan/Veronica board and I thought I'd put just the LoVe analysis part here since that's the part I do all on my lonesome.

Scene One: And the Role of the Jackass is Played By ...

When Veronica is going around the 09er table, you'd expect that the description of who Logan is would have taken place before she got to telling about the history with Duncan. But nope. We have the Duncan intro/flashback -- which briefly includes Logan (more on that later) -- and then it ends on "and let's not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure. Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass; he's ours."

Why end on Logan and not Duncan? Wouldn't the former boyfriend be the more likely choice to end the introduction of "main" characters on? You'd think so. But, no Logan gets it. And furthermore, from pretty much the moment the scene comes back from flashback Logan is staring at Veronica. Duncan seems practically oblivious to her presence, while Logan is just so intently all about her. It appears as if he's talking about her in the first shot of him looking at her, then to Duncan; he's looking at her, putting on the little show on Duncan's lap for her. I mean, he's basically "performing" for Veronica. He WANTS her attention. Very interesting.

Now back to the flashback scene for a moment, when Veronica turns from her locker and sees Duncan walking by and basically ignoring her, Logan is with him. And guess what he's doing? You got it ... staring at Veronica. Logan. Does. This. A LOT.

Scene Two: A Long Time Ago, We Used to Be Friends

Next up is the flashback where Logan confronts Veronica about what her dad is doing. Wouldn't it make sense to see interaction of some kind with him as opposed to laying it on Logan and Logan only. It's as if Logan is the barometer of before and after in a way. She seems completely stricken by Logan's pain and his accusation against her. Why is the concentration on Logan and not Duncan?

And just a note, but Logan is also the first one who we recognize who sees her at the party. A bigger deal is made of Duncan (because he's been macked upon), but Logan is who we first see staring at her. Of course, staring at her.

Scene Three: "Hey, Ronnie!"

Ah, the drive-by. I commented in a separate thread that I think that Ronnie was a nickname he called her on occasion when the foursome were all together. And I think it was a name that only he did. I'm not quite sure what to make of this scene.

I mean, he almost, no, not almost, he DID seem sincere in asking her if she wanted to join them, but of course, she didn't and he started being snarky and sarcastic. And she was ignoring him; I don't think Logan likes to be ignored, so he went from an almost playful teasing (the Duncan/no shirt) to barbed, painful teasing (her mom's drinking). It's like he is striking to hurt when she doesn't, I don't know, play whatever game he is playing. There is just such a push-pull with their interaction. It's very fascinating.

Scene Four: The Bong Show

We have the lovely, little fact that he calls her "cute." And, of course, he does a lot of staring. What is interesting is that he is looking at her, calling her cute, pointing at her all in what appears to be gamesmanship. She just set him up to be arrested, most likely suspended as well, and he is grinning. His attitude is almost a show of 'Okay, you got me this round, just wait til it's my turn!' Which flash backs to the last scene before where he kept digging and digging and was just so nasty -- nasty in a way we really don't see him ever at any other time.

And taking in this scene and his reaction of near-glee, one wonders if the object was to show that the only spark that Logan got out of life then was his little back-and-forth game of one-upmanship with Veronica and in the parking lot scene, she hadn't played along. And here with the bong, the vicious cruelty of the "Hey, Ronnie" scene was missing because she was playing with him again.

Which leads to the final scene between the two ...

Scene Five: No Fun, Fun, Fun!

I don't know if I can even put my finger on what it is about this last scene with Logan and Veronica, but it's almost like he is taunting her to do something, to retaliate. And it's like, as in the first scene, as if he's "performing" for her. The way he looks at her holds her gaze with that sweet, almost innocent smile, the way he bends down to get close to her, the way that there are moments where it's as if she is the only one there. It's all very tense and ooh, I can't put my finger on the right word. But there is definitely an underlying emotion there.

And then we have Veronica's reaction to Logan's being hit -- we actually see Veronica reacting to Logan's pain twice in this episode: the emotional in the flashback when he talks to her about her dad destroying the Kane family, and the physical in this scene. I don't know and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it, but Veronica seems really bothered by Logan being hurt. She doesn't make the snappy comment or comeback during that, but once he's gone, she's back to wearing that facade immediately with Weevil. It's just like she is very conscious of Logan's pain.

I dunno, maybe I'm seeing too much, wanting to see more, but I think that some connection of sorts was being laid all the way in this episode with him. HE pushes her buttons the way no one else appears to and SHE pushes his as well. And just for the record, they really *really* do have some damn fine chemistry.
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