Arabian (arabian) wrote,

3.11 - 'Our Town' (The Vampire Diaries)

The Vampire Diaries came on tonight. I am happy about this television fact. :)

Ah, I love my show so much. Really, I truly, honestly do. Right now, my only true frustration is with the belief that they might put Stefan and Elena back together because it's "expected." And that's a REAL frustration because I really DO NOT get it. How can Elena go back to Stefan now? How? And how can I have any respect for her if she does? Whatever, I'm a Damon/Elena fan ... IT IS NOT THE SAME THING. I'd like to think that if Damon pulled any of the shit that he did in season 01/02 that was so horrifying AFTER a relationship between the two blossomed that I wouldn't want Elena with him either. And that's the key here for me. Stefan has been with her, knows what will hurt her the most -- MY GOD! WICKERY BRIDGE!! -- and yet he's doing it. The crap that Damon pulled was before he was "better." What Stefan is doing now is a conscious choice he's making that he KNOWS is HURTING Elena, is hurting Damon, is hurting all of the people he supposedly cares about.

Originally, I was annoyed with Klaus' "that kind of love never dies" line because I'm like really, show? What lovebug is up Klaus' butt about this greatest twu wuv that ever wuved crap between Stefan and Elena? Is the show trying to tell us something? After the bridge scene, I think, hope, (pray?) that it was. Using Klaus' belief that Stefan's love for Elena would win out in the end -- even though it's failed spectacularly over and over again, Klaus-y boy -- to show that, well, yeah, maybe it won't. Because that belief was proven wrong (in Klaus' eyes) when he DID have to back down because he believed that, yes, indeedy, Stefan would turn his human "blood source" into a vampire thus negating the usefulness of her blood.

And now I must go back there. WICKERY BRIDGE! I literally threw my hands up, mouth hanging open in shock when I realized where he was driving her. Let's put aside the horror of the fact that he is USING her to punish Klaus. Let's forget the horror of the fact that his way of using her is to terrify her, force-feed her his blood and threaten to turn her into a vampire just to punish Klaus. Yeah, let's put ALL OF THAT aside. He turned around and made it as horrifically awful as he could by doing so on WICKERY BRIDGE! WHERE SHE ALMOST DIED AND WHERE HER PARENTS DIED! HER. PARENTS. DIED on that bridge! I just -- I have no freaking words. It was horrifying, disgusting, terrifying, just plain awful. And once again the show is going there in showing abusive strains in the Stefan and Elena relationship. If she goes back to him ... God! It would be a thousand times worse than the anti-feminist message Bella of Twilight sends to young girls. Just say no.

Look, I know that Stefan loves Elena. I do not question that. I just don't think that he loves her so fully, so completely, so magically, so 'love never dies'-ly. If he did, he could NOT do what he did to her, what he's been doing to her. I know that part of his action was to make her hate him, but he'd already been doing a good enough job, so no, it doesn't justify it. It just does not justify it. Nothing justifies what he did. All of Damon's horrible actions -- and they were horrible -- came from a place of love (as Elena said). All of Stefan's horrible actions now are coming from a place of hate (for Klaus, because of what he's lost). But what he's lost is all because of him. Because he didn't trust in Elena or her love enough to believe that she would, could forgive him. So, I'm not feeling for him at all in this scenario. Not a single bit. I feel for Elena, but I want her to get over it, get over him because he doesn't deserve her awesome.

With that said, outside of the Stefan/Elena aspect of it, damn, Stefan was awesome tonight! (Well, he was actually awesomely horrible in the Stefan/Elena aspect, I mean outside of the Stefan/Elena-getting-back-together aspect of it.) Just total bad-assery. Snarking with Damon like a boss. Chilling, and all casual with Klaus. Taking Klaus' insult about Stefan's failure to make a point and then BAM! Beheading his hybrid. Out-villain-ing Klaus. Making Klaus motherfucking blink! YEAH! So awesome. Also awesome? Klaus. Okay, I give. I give. emiv might have helped nudged me here possibly, or maybe Joseph Morgan finally won me over, but yeah, for the first time I actually thought that it would be cool if Klaus stayed beyond this season. His interaction with Stefan -- as always for the win -- but also, I'm LOVING his interaction with Tyler too. It's insulting, but hilarious, how he treats Tyler like he's such a stupid, stupid little minion, but he keeps him around him because gee, he's grown fond of him. It's just totally awesome.

And then, oh me, oh my, that scene with Carol, Klaus and Damon was rewind-worthy to the extreme. Carol flummoxed in the middle but trying to act like she's all cool with it. Damon's "Don't take this the wrong way, but do you realize that you've been kissing the ass of an immortal hybrid who ruined your son's life?" followed by Klaus' snippiness to Damon before his tone transformed to this sweet, soft, low purr to Carol: "I never had to go through it myself more than twice, to be honest, but still, I'm very sympathetic." I was rolling. (It was the delivery on "sympathetic" that did me in.) Utterly priceless. And yeah, that right there really was the moment where Klaus FINALLY won me over. Part of it was because we truly saw in this episode just what everyone warned the Mystic Falls' crew about: Just how good Klaus is at being bad.

He got Carol speaking as his puppet not through violence nor malice, but with sweetness and understanding. The same thing he did to Liz at the end there. Sure, she's not going to jump on the Klaus-train (as it looks like Carol already has, oh Carol), but he used her greatest weakness -- her love for her daughter -- to gain entrance to her home, to gain brownie points and to gain the town sheriff -- who is also good buddies with the ringleader of his enemies -- having to owe him one. And then there was his scene with Caroline. While it was for show, to try and woo her to his side, there was no way everything he said wasn't genuine based on all we know of Klaus. I'm sure he has thought of ending it, and I'm sure he has enjoyed the benefits of living forever, of seeing the world and all the beauty it has to offer, of having a thousand birthdays and he translated that to Caroline with the grace and romance of a poet. And it was so clever, so very clever to have HER bite him in getting her cure. I kept waiting for him to bite into his wrist, but no, no, no, he wanted *her* to make the choice, to choose to accept his aid ... just as Carol did, just as Liz did. Brilliant.

And Caroline, oh Caroline. I loved the funeral for the human Caroline. It was awesome, if twisted, and I loved that it was Elena's idea, setting into motion Elena's need to let go of her past (not just the girl on Wickery Bridge, but Stefan as well, because like she is no longer that girl, Stefan -- the Stefan that she fell for -- is gone). What was also awesome about it, is that tied in with Caroline's scene with Klaus, it was bringing full circle her acceptance of her death by agreeing to have a funeral for the fact that she did die. Caroline accepted her death, and then when she nearly lost her undeath, she admitted to Klaus that she didn't want to die, accepting fully her new life. Beautifully done. Also, I found it so interesting that they called back to the (for lack of a better word) shallow side of Caroline that Klaus related to. Not that it's shallow to want to live, or to see beautiful things ... but that was the surface of what he sold her on it: the chance to see the beautiful things of the world. But of course, like Caroline isn't shallow, this wasn't shallow. It was about so much more; it was about living life, even undead life, to the fullest and appreciating all that is at your disposal with that long life. That it was Klaus that showed her that so fully was ... interesting.

And, based on that little bit, it certainly does look like Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola have a nice chemistry. (And they are certainly way less boring than Tyler and Caroline -- their first scene? I felt nothing! their second? I kept waiting for him to bite her.) And with that scene, I've decided that they are now my secondary Caroline-couple choice (as Stefan/Rebekah is my secondary Stefan-couple choice), since of course, Stefan and Caroline are my first choice for each other! :) With that said, I had an interesting thought. When Rebekah was introduced in "The End of the Affair," I recounted many similarities that I found between her and Caroline in my never-ending desire to prove that, yes, indeed, this is all laying the groundwork for Stefan and Caroline, damnit! Well, what did we have in that episode? A triangle of sorts between Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan. And what relationship had somewhat incestuous vibes? Rebekah and Klaus! So maybe, just maybe this is all set-up eventually for a Stefan/Caroline/Klaus triangle! Hmm............ (Although, I will admit that Stefan actually finding out that Caroline nearly died because of his vendetta would have given my theory a teeny bit more weight. Ah well. I STILL BELIEVE!)

I also believe that these writers know what they are doing and HAH! to anyone who says otherwise. Which many did after last week's episode regarding Elena's compulsion of Jeremy (okay, fine it was Damon's, but he was doing it on Elena's behalf ... and then he kissed her!). Seriously, so much for the writers not knowing what they are doing with Elena's character, and being clueless to the wrongness of what Elena did to Jeremy. Bonnie flat-out said what a lot of those who had an issue with it were saying. And that? Is called DAMN GOOD WRITING! And another sign of that writing was in the end scene. Recalling the "funeral" from earlier in the show, drawing on the past of Elena prior to the car crash -- when we didn't know her -- by speaking to Matt, the one who she hasn't really shared in these supernatural goings-on and with her words tying it back to what she did to Jeremy, it was an acknowledgement (again), that she knew what she had done was wrong.

However, she's NOT the person she was on that bridge who saw between black and white clearly and if she ever strayed from white, it was the lightest shades of gray. Elena is simply NOT that person anymore. She makes the hard, awful choices now. Right or wrong, she makes them, and she stands by them because that is what her life is about now. Very hard, very awful choices that are made based on keeping those she loves alive because she's already lost so many. It's kill or be killed; it's estrangement or death. I also kept thinking throughout the episode how young Elena looked, which isn't something I generally notice. It hit me in the bridge scene why. I could be wrong, but it looked like they used the same make-up and hair styling on Nina Dobrev as they did in the Pilot. It was the look of the Elena we first saw paired with the harder Elena that she's become. And it just tied all of it in so beautifully. So kudos to the make-up department (who, truth be told, did an overall great job ... I mean, Ian Somerhalder looked fucking fabulous! HAWT!)

I especially noticed that HAWT-ness during the porch scene (!!) which I loved quite, quite a lot -- if not as much as last week ... understandably. :) But this one, oh, this one was pretty awesome too. I just loved that they were there, once again. Once again, Damon was trying to make her feel better, them getting close, and then she just said it. And I dunno, I just loved how she said it, the tension, the stress, the want of it all nearly bringing tears to her voice coupled with the guilt, the emotion from what had just happened with Stefan. And how she said it, not like she didn't want him to because she didn't want to kiss him, but because she didn't want him to because she DID want to kiss him and like before, she would kiss him back. And that would be "wrong." I loved that he agreed not to kiss her, not planning to do so, but I loved even more that when she said it wasn't right, he disagreed and in such a soft, confident way that it was right, just not "right now." And I was just all AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Sigh* I love my couple soooooooooo much! We had the direct callback to and dealing with the kissy-face porch scene, but also the sly hints to it earlier in the episode. And how! I adored that the episode began with Damon all smiley-happy, in the SHOWER! contrasted with Elena all sweaty and trying to take her mind off of ... things! (Okay, fine I loved Damon in the shower!) Then, then, then we had Stefan noticing how chipper Damon was (hee!) and Elena oh-so-casually asking Alaric if he'd seen Damon, and then her oh-so-casual 'yeah, whatever, no reason' reaction when he asked why. (Double hee!)

And, of course, what's interesting is taking into account his confidence at the end of the episode paired with his happiness at the beginning, and yet, when it comes up that something is off with Elena, he automatically assumes that it's wrapped up in Stefan. And this time, it was all wrapped up in Damon. So, obviously, he's getting there in the realization that yeah, the feelings are returned, but he still fully believes that she's still pretty much mostly all about Stefan. I mean, I just didn't get the read at all that he was playing it cool with Ric -- which would have made sense since, yes, others were right and Ric was being rather tense with Damon last week, and this week, he was a total tool! Dude, RIC! What the hell!?!? Ahem, back on point ... Damon and Elena. So yeah, Stefan is still very much an obstacle between these two, but I think he's becoming less and less in Damon's mind, and in Elena's too because while she still doesn't think it would be right, she's clearly, obviously torn. WHEEEEEEEEE!

Alrighty, random thoughts ...

- My one negative about this episode was the bad transitions. We went from Stefan knocking Matt out to ... Matt calling out "Sheriff Forbes" as he carried Caroline into her home, having woken up and found Caroline all off-camera. I'm assuming that's something that was lost on the editing floor, but it was a bit jarring. Also jarring, but not as much, and possibly an intentional cut so that we could have the porch conversation as it played out was Damon picking Elena up from Wickery Bridge. That's a moment, considering the circumstance and the location, that I would have liked to have seen.

- So we now have actual canon of what I've always figured: Damon is loaded.

- A plain, non-supernatural murder in Mystic Falls? Okay then. Of Dr. Fell's icky ex, okay then. Interesting. (Speaking of, I was quite amused by the fact that even knowing it wasn't supernatural, Liz STILL had Damon come to check it out. BWAH!)

- Hmm, so still on that tangent to a degree, obviously, we're supposed to suspect something may be up with Dr. Meredith Fell. I don't know how I feel about her yet, they're really doling stuff out with her slo-o-o-wly. Very unlike this show. I'm playing a wait-and-see game with her, and with Meredith and Alaric.

- I didn't tear up during the recitation of Caroline's eulogy, but I did get close. Perhaps I might have had all comments been positive ... MATT!

- I so loved that Damon flat-out said "I know my brother better than anyone" and unlike when Elena says it, it actually, you know, is the truth and not the delusion of a teenager experiencing the twuest wuv that ever wuved with a 169-year-old vampire.

- I don't think words can describe how much I LOVED Klaus noting the so-teenage-bracelet that Tyler gave Caroline for her birthday, and then turning around and giving her that uber-expensive, fancy-schmancy DIAMOND bracelet. HEE! Oh, Klaus, you romantic, you! (That's why he so wants to believe in the twuest wuv that ever wuved!)

- I was mildly horrified and yet amused (as was Elena) at the fact that Damon was proud of Stefan's horrible actions earlier in the evening. Now had Elena actually been hurt, or turned, I don't think Damon would have been as blasé about it as was, but since it all ended well (Klaus blinked!) and he's standing on their porch having another moment with the girl, he was able to just see the good that came out of it. Again, horrifying, yet amusing. And I just love that Elena felt the same way because it shows yet again, she knows him, she gets him, she can deal with him and she's fine with his less than stellar-qualities.

ETA: Discussion on dreamingahead's lj got me thinking more about this scene with them and it's actually made me love it more. She was more on the horrified rather than amused side (well, more heartbroken for Elena rather than horrified) side of things. And in responding to her comments, I went back and rewatched the scene a few more times and came up with a new interpretation that makes me love Damon all the more.

Damon's comment (and delivery of comment) actually read to me as Damon trying to make Elena feel better. After all, he *did* ask her first how she was doing. She said she was okay, obviously still upset, but she was okay. He then talked about what Stefan had done, not gleefully, but stating the fact of it almost regretfully that yeah it sucked, but it got them a win. It wasn't until she said "don't sound so gleeful" that he mentioned, with the flirty eye-thing going, being a little proud of Stefan. And considering her half-smile/roll-eyed reaction to that, now I think it was more to get her to smile. Which he did. I'm not saying he isn't a little proud of Stefan, but Damon said it as he did to get her to smile, I think. In her amused/somewhat annoyed way that she does at him when he's being so very 'Damon.' And why I think this was all about making her feel better is because right after, automatically, his smile dimmed and he asked sincerely again "tell me, really, are you going to be okay?"

Rewatching it, I thought that how he responded was actually pretty sweetly done. He was stating facts, trying to lighten her up a bit and showing concern all at the same time without crowding or pushing her.

- Wheee!! I love when we get any Damon/Liz, so I'm in heaven when we get awesome Damon/Liz as we did tonight. Liz being all strong and sheriff-y, Liz being all bad-ass and resisting Damon's charms to lay down the law and Damon being totally cool with that, his flirty eye-thing melting away as he listened to her serious bizness words. I just love their friendship SO MUCH.

Like this show. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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