Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Teeny VM/LoVe Spoiler

We mostly already knew this or at least figured it out, but it's now confirmed.

According to Spike'sSpark from The LoVe Shack (who was one of the ladies who won dinner with Jason at the auction) during dinner he told her:

They are currently filming episode 4 and LoVe is definately still going strong at this point
So to quote her: "Yay!" Also a nice little thing about Jason, regarding LoVe/VM that we pretty much already knew also, but it's always nice to hear again.

... he totally gets the Logan Veronica relationship and is totally into the show as much as we are.
To read her full report, go here, but don't expect many details about the dinner itself. Understandably, she wants to treasure that evening for her lonesome. Lucky girl!!
Tags: logan/veronica, veronica mars

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