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The Vampire Diaries - 20 Favorite Episodes (Episodes 05-01)

Finishing up my list of my 20 favorite Vampire Diaries episodes in order of fondness. (I will confess here that I rewatched the last four episodes of this season since I posted the last one, and actually have made a few changes in the position of a few episodes.) Each one is highlighted with the first five things I thought of that I loved about each episode in my top 20, made into a graphic to go with it. And here we are at the end. (My number one favorite will be a surprise to no one who's read my TVD ramblings. :)

The Vampire Diaries - 20 Favorite Episodes

Episodes 05-01

(Full-length review)

(Full-length review)

(Full-length review)

(Full-length review)

And that's all she wrote ...
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