Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Hart of Dixie

So I randomly decided I wanted a cute, fluffy show in my life and downloaded Hart of Dixie. One episode in, I was all TEAM WADE! and I watched all current ten episodes today. Awesomely, the show is exactly what I thought it would be: Cute and fluffy, with the addition of the unexpected uber-hot chemistry between Rachel Bilson (Zoe) and Wilson Bethel (Wade). And seriously?! How hilarious is the similarity in the actors' names? Hahaha! You couldn't make that up, people would roll their eyes at the unbelievability of it, hah!

I suppose George/Zoe are supposed to be the OTP of the show, but I swear it's as if the show itself forgets this. We'll have two to three episodes that highlight all of the typical root-for-couple behavior, misunderstandings, sweet moments, tension, etc. with Zoe and Wade, and then suddenly an episode where it feels like the writers slapped their foreheads and went 'oh, crap! It's supposed to be GEORGE and Zoe!' And then we'll have a scene or two highlighting their "connection" in an episode. Then it goes right back to a couple of episodes all about the perfection of Zoe and Wade. Weird, but I ain't complaining. :)

Anyhoo, it's a cute show. The guys are hot. Zoe and Wade are AWE-SOME! And I'm onboard! Woohoo!! And true fact? I totally adore this icon I made for them. So pretty! :D
Tags: hart of dixie, tv, zoe/wade

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