Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Yup, this has to happen! (Pretty please!)

Since the announcement came out that Sara Canning (formerly Jenna on The Vampire Diaries) is guest-starring on the 13th episode of Supernatural this season, I've been gripped with the notion that the CW simply *must* have a show next year starring Jason Dohring and Canning. She co-starred on the CW's TVD, and is now guesting on SPN. Jason starred on the CW's Veronica Mars, has a recurring stint on the network's Ringer, and is guesting on SPN's 12th episode this season. Clearly, they are CW-friendly!

So, yeah, now my brain (and heart!) is stuck on the desire for a vehicle starring Dorhing and Canning.
Tags: jason dohring

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