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Friday TV Flyby ....

So some quick thoughts on Nikita and Fringe overall and specific for last night's episodes -- not Chuck, though, just because while I'm enjoying it, it's just kinda *there* right now, and that really wasn't the bestest episode.

Nikita is pretty good this season so far, and this episode was FABULOUS! Possibly their best one yet. I loved the winkwink-ness of having Alberta Watson (named Madeline no less!) as part of Oversight (USA La Femme Nikita fans will get that); I LUUUUUUUUUUUUV Sean, I love Birkhoff, I love that Nikita loves Birkhoff, I love how they're doing Nikita/Michael. Amanda is such a psychotic bitch, but she generally makes it all sound so reasonable. I love her. (Whacking his hand like that? Whoah, Amanda!) Percy even behind his glass cage is still pulling some strings and making moves. All of these pieces are coming together, intersecting, filled with emotional beats. Really good job. (Shallow note though, the blonde-ish hair is not working on Maggie Q. Go back to the gorgeous, natural jet black, please.)

I like Michael/Nikita, but I don't ship them. However, I think I might, could, maybe ship Sean and Alex. I know he's using her at this point (per mommy's orders), but there are genuine feelings there, and that he's using her to protect his mommy makes it understandable. But, yeah, LOVED how he asked for a kiss last week, and she kissed his hand. Whee!

Overall though, yeah, I'm really enjoying this. I'm glad I gave it another shot after giving up after a few episodes last season.

Okay, I'm gonna be honest here. Fringe is pissing me the fuck off this season. I heart this show so very much, and have easily labeled it as one of my top favorite shows on TV the last few years, but I don't like what's happening this season. Peter is my favorite character. He was pretty much missing in the first batch of episodes, and upon his return we still don't see that much of him. (Look, I decided to watch this show based on my bb, Joshua Jackson. Show? I WANT TO SEE MY BB, JOSHUA JACKSON!) Olivia doesn't give a shit about him, because she's not "his" Olivia, and instead is making goo-goo eyes at Lincoln. I love Lincoln, I'm glad they made him a regular, but I don't want to see *this* Lincoln and *this* Olivia together because it just makes me miss Lincoln and Fauxlivia, and more importantly MY Olivia and Peter.

*This* Walter is a douch-y dick with very little of the sweetness and heart that I love in MY Walter. And Astrid is not part of the family, she's just a co-worker. And I hate that. I hate that the family is gone! :( I miss Walter/Astrid. I miss Peter/Walter. I miss Olivia/Walter. I miss Peter/Olivia/Walter. And, damnit, I miss Olivia and Peter. These characters (other than poor, bewildered Peter) are not MY characters, not the ones I fell in love with, and so I spend each episode waiting for MY characters to come back to me. And if it's not a very good Fringe-event-of-the-week (like this episode), then I'm really frustrated.

Gah! I hate venting about this show because prior to this season, I've freaking ADORED it. I mean, I'm not giving up at all. And I'm hoping that this will all wind up leading to somewhere, something with real emotional payoff, but right now? Let's just say that there was a reason that I didn't watch Fringe until over 24 hours after it aired (and after both Chuck and Nikita) when I had nothing else to do. It's just not really working for me this season so far. And that bums me out.
Tags: chuck, fringe, joshua jackson, nikita, peter/olivia

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