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Soapy Couples

So I'm back to taping Days of Our Lives for the time being since it looks like they might actually be exploring Sami and EJ again. I know they have a horrible past -- he blackmailed her to sleep with him/she kept who she thought was his child from him and only told him the child was his after said child died/he kidnapped real child that was his, faked her death to get back at Sami before reconsidering and bringing her home/she shot him in the head -- so yeah, but they have killer chemistry, they've NEVER been given an opportunity to have a relationship to see if they could fly (despite having two children together -- two times having the sex, two kids as result, yes, they be fertile together), and this is a soap opera. I'm more willing to forgive stuff that happens on soaps to keep couples apart than in any other medium.

Well now a big story with them is starting that touches upon Sami's history in a big way and looks like it will be an long-burning, well-crafted, umbrella story that could lead to Sami and EJ finally trying it out for reals. (At least, that's what the most recent interview with the headwriters sure made it sound like!) So I'm back in like Flynn!

Then there is Elizabeth and Matt on General Hospital. I'll be the first to admit that after a great start when Garin Wolf took over, the show is back to being utter and complete shite! To top it off they canned Lexi Ainsworth (who played Kristina) to replace her with a hotter, older-looking actress (not cast yet), and I loved Ethan/Kristina and their chemistry (sniff, sniff, see icon!). However, I still love me some Brandon Barash (plus, plus, he was in Tell Me You Love Me with Ian Somerhalder -- they were in ONE SCENE TOGETHER!! True fact, Adam Scott was in it as well. Alas no screen-share-age), even if I'm still waiting for them to pair his Johnny up with someone I like.

And .... Matt and Elizabeth. I never really cared much for either actor in any pairing before (although, I do have soft spot for Lucky/Elizabeth when it's Jonathan Jackson, but I never *shipped* them), but now? I'm really loving their very slow build, great camaraderie, wonderful chemistry, that near-kiss (why do they keep saying they kissed, they didn't kiss, it was a near-kiss, damnit!), ooh boy! Caliente! I can't help it; their scenes make me happy.

I know I have a few soap-fans on my flist: Do any of you know of any message boards/communities for Matt/Elizabeth?

So, yeah, I'm enjoying some soup couples again for the first time in a long time! Depending on how things go, I might start writing about these soaps a bit more here. We'll see. :) (If I do, I'm so making an EJ/Sami and Matt/Elizabeth icon each!)
Tags: days of our lives, ethan/kristina, general hospital, matt/elizabeth, sami/ej

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