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A few bulleted thoughts on the Emmys. My fave wins and most depressing losses.

Ah, another Emmy year done and gone. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good telecast. Conan was great (loved the bit with Bob Newhart -- man, does he have comic timing!) There was a shipper moment for me in that they showed Chloe defending Jack in the clip for the best show win. Some won I wanted to, some didn't. But eh, what can you do ... it's the Emmys. Thoughts on the wins/losses that mattered most to me.

  • Boo to Stephen Colbert not winning. Sigh. He'll have other chances. And he and Stewart presenting will definitely go down in the best moments of the telecast and I can't believe that he won't win one eventually.

  • Boo to Steve Carell not winning, but as hot as he is right now, he apparently submitted a pretty weak episode (burning his foot on the George Foreman Grill -- Why? The casino night one would have been so much better!) and Tony Shahloub is an expert at this point in submitting the best episodes. At least The Office won (although I would have been happy with either Arrested Development or Scrubs -- finally taking one home -- winning either).

  • Boo to Allison Janney not winning. But she won four and she has a new show coming Fall 2007, she'll have other chances.

  • Yay to Kiefer Sutherland winning. 'Bout damn time!

  • YAAAAAYYYY!!! I didn't realize how much I really, really wanted 24 to win until it did. It totally deserved it. It would have been nice to see The West Wing get the Emmy win send-off, but really 24 deserved it. The show has been damn awesome for five years running and this was its best year yet. So YAAAYYY!!!!!
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