Arabian (arabian) wrote,

It's everywhere, late to the news, but still ....

Wheee!! Jason Dohring is guest-starring on Supernatural. Way back when it was a dream of mine to see him on that show. Now, well, I haven't watched the dang thing in years, but I'll be tuning in for Jason's episode. And to see him and Jensen Ackles share the screen?! That will be awesome!

And he is playing a god, hahahahahahhahaha! How perfect. Chronos, the god of time.

I gotta say though what the hell is wrong with the casting world?!?!? He gets a recurring role, he gets a guest role and the media covers it everywhere. CLEARLY PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THIS GUY!!! CAST HIM IN SOMETHING PERMANENTLY! GRRR. Maybe, because of timing and all, this will help with Pilot casting season coming up, right? Seeing all the waves even his guest-casting makes?
Tags: jason dohring, jensen ackles, supernatural, tv

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