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'Person of Interest' -- I really like it!

Does anyone else on my flist watch Person of Interest? I kinda, sorta love it. It's become one of my favorite, must-watch-right-away shows, and last week, they really upped the ante.

Brief outline: Ridonkulously closed-off billionaire hires ex-military, ridonkulously closed-off vet to help him save people before something really, really bad happens to them. Which they know about because they get a SSN every night that tells them something is going to happen to this person. (It actually makes sense in the show.) The first six episodes featured a case of the week, and then the seventh episode changed things up a bit. We were introduced to the beginnings of an arc in a few other episodes ago with a murder weapon in a case gone missing, and a gangster's illegitimate child whose mother was killed and he was sent through foster homes who disappeared. Now I didn't really think it was going to lead to something so potentially huge. However, all of that came to a head when the next SSN number who needed to be protected wound up being possibly the big bad of the season.

And he's played by KEITH MARS!!! Okay, okay, Enrico Colantoni, but still ... KEITH MARS!

I figured it out a bit before the actual reveal, but not by much and when it came it was still ohhhhhh! Really cool, and the way the final scenes played out, it really seems like instead of just being a weekly case show, that things are going to build and have more oomph. I'm very excited about the possibility!

About the cast, well, Michael Emerson (as Mr. Finch, the bilionaire) is pretty much perfect. Jim Caviezel (as the vet, John Reese) is fairly blank-faced and emotionless but it totally works with this role. Taraji P. Henson as Detective Carter -- a cop who came upon Reese unexpectedly and has been tracking him and his vigilante ways ever since -- is good, but the character is a bit ... one-dimensional, and I do blame the writing because Henson is a fantastic actress. The final cast member is Kevin Chapman as Detective Fusco (a dirty cop who is almost becoming clean due to his aiding of Reese -- because he's blackmailing him with the dirty cop knowledge) is a surprising awesome part of the show for me. I actually find it interesting (yet sad), but we've been given more dimensions to him than we have Carter. I don't know, maybe this show is not all that up for writing women, because Carter is the weakest character. However, they have said something is coming up with her, so I'm hopeful.

Of course, the show's not perfect. See: The writing of Carter, but overall, I really enjoy it. They've had some great moments, some awesome endings that aren't black-and-white, and the growing relationship between Finch and Reese is awesome. :)

The good news is that it has been given a full-season pick-up. The bad news is that since CBS doesn't own it at all, it has a chance of not being renewed because most of CBS' dramas are kicking so much ratings ass, they can afford to cancel a show that brings in almost 12 million viewers. :(

So, anyone else one of the 12 million watching it?
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