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Nina Damon/Stefan answer -- video clip

Video footage of the Nina q&a bit I wrote about the other day. And don't worry mridul777, it's VERY obvious that she is NOT talking about Damon turning into Stefan. There's a question about pranks included also in the clip. For those who don't know the prank she is almost definitely referring to that she doesn't talk about is the one from this season's premiere where Ian and the set guy glued to Elephant ears on both his thighs when Damon stood in front of Elena naked (which Ian was), so yeah.

Q: Who do you think Elena is better with? Damon or Stefan?
A: Who do I think she's better with?
Q: Like, who do you prefer?
A: Uhm, well, I'm biased. But I think that, I think that deep down she is in love with the person that Stefan is. She loves the type of... she loves warm-hearted people who are loving, who... -- I mean, mind you in the last couple of episodes we haven't seen that from Stefan -- but that's the person that she fell in love with. She fell in love with this guy who would do anything and everything for her, and move mountains and that's why it's so heartbreaking for her to see how him the way he is now, just to see how cold-hearted he is, how little emotion he has. Uhm, but now Damon's kinda turning into that type of a person, so it's a fine line, and I don't know. I know the type of person she's in love with, it just depends on who that is at the time.


So, yeah, I think it's definitely interesting, and I like that it's about someone who does have a warm heart and is loving because we are seeing that happening with Damon, and how she phrased it, it's definitely not about who Stefan is specifically as a person, but rather the type of person.
Tags: damon/elena, ian&nina, nina dobrev, the vampire diaries

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