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31 October 2011 @ 09:37 pm
Updated TV Schedule :)  
So all but one TV show has aired from original Fall TV viewing schedule post (I Hate My Teenage Daughter doesn't air until November 30th), and I'm still watching some, am still taping some (but are saving them for bulk watching during reruns to see if I really want to keep watching them) and some have gone bye-bye. :)



- The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, and Dexter.
- Once Upon a Time -- Only two episodes in, but I'm really enjoying this one. I think Jennifer Morrison is wonderful and I'm liking the fairytale and modern-day stuff. Good so far. :)


- NCIS, Glee, and Raising Hope.

- Ringer -- Well, technically, I'm keeping this but it's really JUST for Jason Dohring. If it weren't for him, I'da nixed this one two episodes ago, but as long as he's recurring, I'm there. :)

- New Girl -- Not as marvelous I had hoped, but I am enjoying it. However, if the next few episodes upon it's return don't up the ante, I may give it up. Life's too short for a sitcom that doesn't crack me up consistently.

- Body of Proof -- Not a newbie, but this one was close to being put in the 'Rerun Maybe' pile, but after two episodes were sitting there, I decided to randomly give one a shot, really enjoyed it and the next one saved, so this one is back in the 'Keeper' column.


- Survivor: South Pacific

- Ringer - It's pulpy fun, and I like it.


- THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, The Office

- Community -- I'm watching it because I like Alison Brie, and I still dig the Annie/Jeff chemistry, but I barely laugh watching this anymore, Britta annoys me so hard there are no words, and I really think that Dan Harmon is laughing his ASS off at the Jeff/Annie shippers SO HARD. But I like Brie, and I'm enjoying whatever Jeff/Annie we get because I've managed to emotionally uninvest myself (thank you Vampire Diaries).

- Person of Interest -- I really, really like this. I just dig it lots.


- Nikita, Fringe, and Chuck

- A Gifted Man -- I like this, but apparently it's not doing very well and will likely be canceled. If it is, I won't be too upset though. But I do enjoy it, however, the formula of the episodes is already beginning to become a tad rote and boring and that's not a good sign.

- Grimm -- Only one episode has aired, and I liked it well enough, but I'll see how the next one or two plays out because it certainly has the potential to go in the 'Bye-bye' column. I just wasn't bowled over (like I was for Once Upon a Time), but we'll see.



- Castle -- I've watched it from its inception, but I really don't like Stana Katic all that much, I don't think that she and Nathan Fillion have much chemistry and the uber-predictability, along with the oh-so-obvious contrivances to keep Castle and Beckett apart just wore me down. I do plan on giving the episodes another go (I watched only the premiere) when reruns start and I have more time to see how I feel about it. I do love Fillion, but I guess not enough.


- The Secret Circle - I really liked the premiere, and then every episode afterward just got a little less interesting simply because I don't care about a single, solitary character on screen and there are six main ones, and three minor ones. I just don't care about them ... at all. But, I think it may get better, so I'm saving it and I'm gonna give it more of a go when I have time to just sit and kinda envelope myself in it. I figure with how awesome TVD is, I should give Kevin Williamson's new baby another shot.



- Homeland -- I love Damian Lewis, but too dark, too depressing and I just wasn't into it.


- How I Met Your Mother -- This has been coming for a LONG time. I wasn't particularly thrilled with how certain things played out in the fourth season, but the finale ("The Leap") gave me hope, and then pretty soon into season five, it started to fall apart. When the finale rolled around and they hinted at Ted and Robin (again!) after a lackluster season which barely made me laugh and Ted (TED!) was my favorite character, I knew it was time to give up. And then the show announced that Jennifer Morrison would be in a recurring role throughout the season. I was sucked back in. And, sure, Zoey sucked, but I stuck it out until the end for Morrison and the hope that maybe they'd fix the mess that they'd made of Barney and Robin, and that the show would be funny again. Nope.

Still, I tuned in for season seven. And found the Barney/Robin stuff unbelievable pandering to that fanbase while still not working at all character-wise with Barney, with Robin, with this whole Nora thing, and don't get me started on how much I loathe Lily now. And then the cherry on top of the lame-ass sundae? I didn't laugh. So, yeah, I kept taping for a few more episodes, and then it was announced that they'd cast Katie Holmes (!) as the Slutty Pumpkin and I realized my love affair with HIMYM really was well and truly over. I took it off my DVR, and nothing I've read or heard since has made me regret it.

- Terra Nova -- When I couldn't even get through the boring, utterly predictable two-hour premiere despite my love for the very pretty Jason O'Mara I knew this one was toast before it even started.

- Dancing with the Stars -- Well, I'm done with this season, but I'll keep watching every season in the hopes of finding a dancing pair or celebrity I enjoy watching.


- The X-Factor - I realized that the results show would make watching other shows programmed non-do-able. I forgot the first episode and had to download it, and then after a week passed and I still hadn't watched it, I realized, meh! I don't care. I'm not a Simon Cowell fan, Paula Abdul kinda bugs, and the format just didn't interest me. I already have American Idol and The Voice.

- Harry's Law -- Talk about ruining a show. I really enjoyed this in its first season, and then in the first episode back, they junked the nerdy lawyer's ex, they got rid of the shoe-store aspect, the downtrodden neighborhood needs laywer'ing aspect, changed their main law offices and basically just took away just about everything I loved about the show originally. So, bye-bye!

- Happy Endings -- I watched the first three, and but for a few jokes here and there? I didn't laugh. Not good for a comedy.


- How To Be A Gentleman -- So bad, so very, very bad. I couldn't even finish the first episode it was so very, very, VERY bad. Total deserving of its quick cancellation.

Finally, I did actually check out Pan Am on a whim, really liked the Pilot, but the second episode was terrible, cliched and just an utter mess, so yeah, that didn't last too quickly. So, yeah. :)
Kim: (Fringe) Peter/Olivia Splitcifan70 on November 1st, 2011 01:56 am (UTC)
WHY ARE WE THINKING ALIKE???? I am ditching Pan Am soon if the network doesn't ditch it. Ditched Terra Nova 2nd episode, I love Once Upon a Time, I like Grimm too. I have heard Harry's Law and Body of Proof may be getting canceled but not sure. I love them both though.

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE CASTLE???? Shame on you. :D j/k Castle is sooo good. I love the detective aspect and the romantic/angst is soooo good.
Arabian: Peter & Olivia01arabian on November 1st, 2011 02:28 am (UTC)
Aww, I like Body of Proof. :(

With Castle, like I said I really don't like the lead female, I don't think she and Nathan have great chemistry and the contrivances to keep them apart are just that ... contrivances. But I do plan on giving it another chance when reruns hit, so it may re-grab me.
Azmiri Sultana Mridulmridul777 on November 1st, 2011 06:30 am (UTC)
OMG...wow!! I admire you SO MUCH right now.....

You watch/watched so many shows and actually "watched" not like, "hmm...I don't have anything better to do so lets kill time" watch.

Arabian: Damon & Elena15arabian on November 2nd, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
Eh, being an organized TV-watcher is not much to admire, hehehe, but I do do it well. Hah!
Bogwitchbogwitch on November 1st, 2011 08:14 am (UTC)
I feel the same about The Secret Circle. It's hard to get invested when there's no one to care about and its slipping from my interest. I have given it these few episodes to setablish itself, but it really needs to start picking up now.
Arabian: Penny02 - Face Palmarabian on November 2nd, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)
Yeah, I agree. Again, come rerun time for bunches of shows, I'm gonna give the eps I have building up (2 so far) another shot, but if that don't work, then, yeah, sorry, Kevin, I"m done.
Britt: Misc Altar of Passive Entertainmentbritt_1975 on November 1st, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
I've given up on Ringer. I had really high hopes for it, because I love quite a few of the actors on the show... but it just never clicked with me. My DVR blipped last week and didn't record the episode, and I barely noticed. That was my cue to delete it from my list.

The Secret Circle is going to be the next to go if it doesn't kick into gear soon. I really liked the first few episodes, but now it's just kind of floundering... and the most recent addition to the show has left me feeling totally meh.

Arabian: What's not to Love? (Logan)arabian on November 2nd, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
It really doesn't click at all, but I will watch Jason. Once he's gone (if he does just stay recurring), then so am I, but I love him so.

The Secret Circle is going to be the next to go if it doesn't kick into gear soon.

Again, come rerun time for bunches of shows, I'm gonna give the eps I have building up (2 so far) another shot, but if that don't work, then, yeah, sorry, Kevin, I"m done.

the most recent addition to the show has left me feeling totally meh.

I'm assuming that happened in the last few episodes, I'll see how I feel when I give it one more shot!

OT: I adore Calvin and Hobbes SO MUCH!
bluesuzannebluesuzanne on November 2nd, 2011 12:35 am (UTC)
I watched HIMYM purely for JMO and I kind of loved Zooey, because JMO is so adorable, but... to be honest I didn't even make it to the end of her run. I don't know how people watch that show, just because it's so frustrating knowing that 99% of the girls Ted hooks up with are kind of... filler.

I have Pan Am downloaded but haven't found time to watch. Perhaps I won't bother now. Same with Homeland, alas :( I wish they hadn't canceled Life.
Arabian: Damon & Elena15arabian on November 2nd, 2011 03:40 am (UTC)
I didn't hate Zoey, but I didn't love her and considered she was played by JMo, I expected to. But yeah, the show just stopped being funny. The first 3 seasons it was BRILLIANT, and now, yeah, no.

I have Pan Am downloaded but haven't found time to watch. Perhaps I won't bother now.

I'd give it a shot if you have time because we definitely have some differing TV opinions, but I just know for me, the 2nd episode killed it dead for me.

Same with Homeland, alas :( I wish they hadn't canceled Life.

Wah!! I WANT LIFE BACK!!!! I couldn't get into Fairly Legal either, and Lordy knows I tried, but yeah, no. :(
bluesuzannebluesuzanne on November 2nd, 2011 12:36 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, and I'm two eps behind on Ringer and not that eager to catch up. Makes me sad to say it as a huge SMG fan but it's actually pretty woeful TV.

Has Jason appeared yet? Maybe that'll make me hurry up. And I'm sticking with it till Amber Benson has guested at least.
Arabian: Little Boy Bluearabian on November 2nd, 2011 03:41 am (UTC)
Jason popped up in the last episode (if you just want to watch his scenes, I clipped them and you can find them here, and I intend on clipping them from now on.) The show is just not working for me. :(
gidget_84: damon/gidget_84 on November 2nd, 2011 05:07 am (UTC)
Ugh, Terra nova..the dinosaurs couldn't even keep me interested, it was just so boring. Once upon a time and Grimm are pretty good so far so we'll see. And I love me some Jason Dohring, but I just don't care enough to continue with Ringer, it was just becoming a chore to watch :(

New girl I really just watch because its between Glee and Raising Hope. Still love Community and of course TVD. Never got into Castle or HIMYM. Fringe I will stay with til it's over and Chuck. Secret Circle I will stay with, its been decent so far, and I loved the books. seriously, they were so much better than the vampire diaries books, thank god TVD as a tv series is awesome!