Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Survivor thoughts (OZZY!)

I know I've barely posted about this, but I kinda wanted to tonight.

Oh, Ozzy. I hope this works out, but I'm expecting the worst. :(

Sigh. Honestly? I almost think Cochran did it deliberately to get rid of Ozzy. Little weasel.

Oh, Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy. I so wish he hadn't done it because I'm still on his side and I don't want to see him lose. So I'd love it if he won the RI challenge, they did merge because IF Ozzy makes it to the final 3 somehow, he'll have a HUGE advantage in that -- whatever you think of this strategem -- it does come across completely as potentially sacrificing himself for the future of his tribe. We all know how stuff like that plays in the finale. Plus, people seem to forget that despite Yul winning it was not a foregone conclusion, it was 5-4 with 4 votes going to Ozzy so clearly he knows how to work the jury.

I just -- well, I should be happy at least Rob won last time. It was too much to hope that I would get the same kind of awesome for Ozzy. :(
Tags: ozzy, survivor, tv

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