Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Mystery solved! Definitely Alaric's Apartment!

I was wondering (and others had pondered it too in their entries about the episode) just where the heck Elena was doing her workout when Damon came upon her and showed her the way to a vampire's heart. Well, mystery solved! :D Someone mentioned that they saw a #8 (on the door across the hall) when Damon opened the door to the room, and I noticed the windows when Elena arose from the bench which made me think of when Katherine was forced to burn herself at Klaus' command while trapped in Alaric's apartment. So I went looking for that scene, and found (a) Ric's apartment is #9 (same style and design as the #8), and (b) more importantly, the exact same painting in the exact same spot in both scenes. So ...

From "The Last Day," Klaus in Alaric's apartment and Elena and Damon during the workout scene from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" --

Definitely the same place.

Cool. Because that was kinda bugging me.
Tags: the vampire diaries, tv

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